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Andrea and Iñaki are moving from Mexico City to Buenos Aires, and they are driving a 2004 VW Polo 9N Sedan 1.6 . Brazilian-made, bought new in Mexico City almost 10 years ago now.

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We'll walk you through the typical bribery scenario: getting pulled over, description of the (likely) bogus infraction, threat of a multa (fine), request for a bribe, and how you can avoid paying the bribe.

As you are most likely aware, road conditions in Latin America are (in general) much worse than road conditions in the United States and Canada.  Most Latin American roads are small, two lane roads with little or no shoulder. The main roads generally are navigable by any vehicle (you don't need a high clearance). We've got comprehensive information on how to avoid road hazards and arrive at your destination arrive safely.  

If you are driving into Mexico, Central, or South America, you may want to get a four wheel drive, or more importantly, a car with extra clearance. This doesn't mean you have to have a 4x4 or a jacked up truck. We have profiled lots of roadtrippers driving the americas in everything from a 1990 VW Golf to an antique Land Rover. Check out who is driving what!  Or read more about purchasing a vehicle for your trip. 

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Hi, we are driving the Americas and are shipping from colon to Cartagena now. I spotted your sticker in Panama City near Balboa yacht club. Thanks to sardinetaco.com for the picture!


It’s maintained by other travelers. So as you go, you can add new places, and update old ones. A campsite no longer exists? Or the owners no longer have internet? All new data is dated and credited to the overlander who updates it. So when you are looking for a place to camp, you know who visited last and if it was 2 months ago or 5 years ago.

Perhaps most importantly, it’s free, so check it out at iOverlander.com