2000 MITSUBISHI MONTERO SPORT 4x4 camper For Sale April/May 2017 in CHILE US$6500

STILL AVAILABLE - 2000 MITSUBISHI MONTERO SPORT 4x4 camper For Sale April/May 2017 in CHILE US$6500

We are an Australian couple who purchased this vehicle in Santiago and drove through Chile, Bolivia, Brazil, Peru, Ecuador and Colombia. We are currently on our return trip. Testing and adding things as we went.


Price: 3500 USD
Place: between Santiago, Buenos Aires, Montevideo and Ushuaia
Time: April 2017

FOR SALE - Mitsubishi Montero Sport GLS, year 2009, 198 000km, manual gear shift, perfect condition, April, Santiago

Dear All,

We are a Czech couple who have been travelling last 4 months around South America and will be selling our car around beginning to middle of April in Santiago. We are the owners of the car, have actual ownership documents, and all other documents.

We sell:

[Found] Looking to buy a van in Chili from Mid March/April 2017.


We are Sarah and Jérôme, a french couple who is spending a year in South America. Currently we are in Argentina and we are looking to buy a van in Chili, ideally fully equipped, from the second week of March/April 2017.

Contact us if you want !

Whatsapp : +33 6 471 44 471

Mail :

Looking to Buy a Van in Medellin (Beginning of April)


     I'm traveling to medellin on april 4th and i'm looking to buy a van. It needs to have enough space so I can sleep in it (I'm 6'4), and preferably 4x4 but not necessary. I'm looking to spend around 2-3000 USD. Lemme know what you got! 


UPDATE:FOR SALE: 2003 Mitsubishi Montero 4x4, roof top tent, fully kitted, dual battery, fridge : 5,300 Euros SANTIAGO APRIL '17

This is a Canadian registered vehicle meaning easy paperwork and free movement between South American countries, which cuts a lot of hassle with Chilean registered vehicles. Will include ownership papers in your name and comes with three months insurance so turn up and drive away!

For Sale: Great condition Chilean Nissan Pathfinder 2005 Auto 4x4 with rooftop tent + camping kit. Selling between now and May

Image Gallery:

Service history:
Coming soon, 170,000 km service.
January, 2017 160,000 km service.
October, 2016, 150,000 km service, new brakes and suspension brushes.

We are selling our Chilean registered 4x4 Nissan Pathfinder 3.5 V6 ( approx 175,000km) with Ironman Rooftop Tent, plus all the camping equipment you would ever need.

For Sale: Toyota 4 Runner 2007 4WD in April in Santiago de Chile

Hello travellers,

i sell my beloved "Bonita" a 2007 Toyota 4 Runner with approximately 210.000km in april 2017.

The car has 4wd, 4low gears, Bonita will bring you everywhere.
The car got maintenanced every 10.000km. From 0-150.000 the service was made by Toyota in Santiago, afterwards you can check all bills.
The state is perfect, the last check up ended that the mechanic said, his friend has the same car with 80.000km but Bonita drives the same.

The motor is a 6Cylinder, 4 liters, i drove it with 9-11l /100km, which i think is pretty economic.

WANTED: Camper Van in Colombia / Ecuador / Peru in August or September

Hey there,

we are planning to travel through Colombia, Ecuador and Peru starting in August 2017. Therefore we are looking for a camper van (or any other vehicle to sleep in) for the two of us. Since its still a long time to go we are very flexible with the starting point and the itinerary of our trip. We kind of wanted to check out what the best spot of buying a van is.

So if you already know about selling your vehicle somewhen around August 2017 somewhere in the mentioned countries, we might be your hit ;-)