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Container sharing from Cartagena to Panama- April 2018

Hi travellers,

At the begining / mid april we will be crossing from Colombia to Panama. We will use a 40 feet container ( 12 meters) and we are looking for another car an a motorbike (if possible) to share it with.  Our van (La Furiosa) is about 5 meters long. 

We are spanish speaker and plan not to hire any custom agent ( we will manage :) )

Anyone we wants to know more about us can go to (english version available)  and drop us an email to arrange the crossing.


container sharing Panama to Colombia ASAP or late Oct-2017

Looking for a car or bikes to share shipping container from Panama to Colombia.

I've got couple of quote.
If you also have quote, I love to join you.

I have 17ft long dodge Grand Caravan so if yours is under 23ft long, that is no problem.
Please give me whatsapp.
+1 425 309 1004
Email also possible


Shipping Panama to Colombia December 2017

Hello! We are Kim and Casey. We're driving our 1998 4Runner from San Francisco, California to somewhere in South America. We're planning to cross from Panama to Colombia in middle or late December. Anyone else doing the same? We're hoping to share a shipping container.

Container Sharing to Seattle, Wa, or Vancouver, BC from Chile/Argentina


We are looking for vehicle shipping company recommendations and also to share a container to Seattle, Wa or Vancouver, BC from Buenos Aires, Argentina or Valparaiso, Chile.  We don't have a set date yet, but are shooting for end of June/early July.  We would love to bring the cost down by sharing!  Respond to this post, or email  


Anny and Ian

Buenos Aires/Montevideo to Rotterdam. Mid to end of februari

Anyone looking into sharing a container from Buenos Aires or Montevideo to Rotterdam in the next 2 weeks? I have a quote from Uruvan (20ft container) for 3500$. Our shipment would be a VW Kombi. 

Does anyone know a good 3rd party in Rotterdam for clearing the container? 


Looking for someone who need share a container for first week of february 2017.

I need someone for sharing container with our client, each one will pay 1015.00 USD including all costs. Vessel departure on sunday.

Panama and Colombian costs included.


Kind regards,


Boris Jaramillo

Looking for split shipping costs for 40'' container Panama-Colombia April 2017.

Hola chicos. We hope everybody has a safe trip so far and enjoys Centroamerica. We are currently in Guatemala.

We have a Toyota Hiace campervan (5.2mt length) and we are planning to ship her from Panama to Colombia in a 40'' container sometime in April 2017.

We have already found 2 bikes and we can fit one more vehicle (reasonably sized).

We have a quotation for 2000 USD all included for both sides (excluding our airplane tickets).

Lets put them all together to split the costs ;-)

Email us here: thepinproject[at]hotmail[.]com

Sharing container LA - Colombia in March


we are currently planning on shipping our van in March 2017 from LA towards South America, preferably Colombia / Ecuador / Peru, but we are pretty flexible.

If you are planning to go a similar route, please let me know and we can explore if we can share costs and nerves

Container Sharing from Panama to Cartagena in the vessel that sails on 13th and arrive on 14th

HI! anyone wants to share a container for this week...i have a client who needs a partner, each one pay 1015.00 USD including all costs from Panama and Cartagena. Please let me know ASAP due to the 10th is holiday. and the last day for loading is on wednesday.


My email


Kind regards,



Share care container from Panama to Columbia (cartagena)

Hi everyone,

We are now in nicaragua on our way down to Panama where we will have to ship our car (Dodge Gran Caravan  15 feet approx) to Cartagena in Columbia

We are going to start looking for different shipping options/companies but wanted to know if there is anyone who wants to ship there car in about 2 weeks time (last week of october/first week of November)

We can flexible on dates to a certain extend :).

Please give us a shout if you are interested.