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Container sharing from Europe to Montevideo, Uruguay. October 2017


We want to ship our 4x4 Suv car from Germany to Montevideo. Set date between 15th and 25th October 2017.

Anyone from Europe intrested to share a 40'ft container in that period to make it cheapper?



Container sharing October 2017- US to Colombia.

Very flexible on the date and locations. The plan now is to drive from our home Seward, AK to Galveston TX, and ship our vehicle from TX to Cartagena, Colombia. It seems to be cheaper to ship from the east coast of the US because you are avoiding the fees involved by going through the Panama Canal. If we found someone looking to ship from the west coast of the US to colombia, that would be ideal! Happy travels friends! 

Container sharing Colombia to Veracruz (MEX) or Panama-End of May 2017

Hi everybody,

We are looking for a partner to share a container from Colombia (most likely Cartagena) to Panama or better for us to Veracruz (Mexico) end of May 2017.

Our van measures 5400 mm max which leaves 6598 mm for your vehicule or motocycles. 

Is anybody interested ? 

Please comment or send an email :


Keral (




Share container from Costa Rica or Panama to Colombia or Ecuador

We are looking for someone to share a container from either Costa Rica or panama to South America, either Colombia or Ecuador is fine with us. We are just at the beginning stages of planning out the details so are very flexible with time and destination but would like to be in South America within one month. 

Europe (Germany) to America (Canada) shipping APRIL 2015 - Container Sharing

Hello to everybody.

We are planning to ship our van from Germany to Canada (Halifax) on April 2015. We are between RORO (using Seabridge services) or container shipping.

We have a quotation from Seabridge (around 1.950 euros including Canada clearance) but we think that container sharing may be more cost efficient. So, we are open to share a 40 feet container with another vehicle.

We have already booked our flights from Germany to Canada on 3rd of April, so ideally we are looking for shipping before this date.

Looking to share a container from cartagena to panama early august 14

we are driving a vw komby north to california. plan to arrive in cartagena end of july.

looking to share a 40' container to panama . please contact me at -

gacias, ilan

Sharing a Container From Panama To Colombia

We have a friend who want to share a container he es planning to shipping next sunday.

If you have information of anyone who need to share please contact me.

the vehicle have 4.5 Meters of lenght.

Panama to Colombia Container Sharing, March 18

Hi, me and my girlfriend are travelling from México City to Ushuaia, Argentina. We are now in Panama and we are planning shipping our camper on March 18, so we are looking for a partner to share the container. It is going from Colon to Cartagena.

The price I have is $750.00 USD + 35 USD in Cartagena per car on a 40" container.

If you are interested, please contact us. Our webpage is, and our mail is


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