Price: 3500 USD
Place: between Santiago, Buenos Aires, Montevideo and Ushuaia
Time: April 2017

Wanted: Campervan in the United States

I'm currently on a yearlong road trip across the United States with my brother. We're living in a Sprinter Van until December. In 2017 I plan to continue living on the road, but need to downsize. Looking to buy (open to trade) a van that's already converted: sportsmobile, Ford E Series, Chevy Express, etc.

If you're looking to sell your campervan, please shoot me a direct message and looking forward to hearing from you soon!

FOR SALE -- 1998 Ford Explorer / USA title -- Dec'16 or Jan'17 in SOUTH MEXICO / GUATEMALEA / HONDURAS

Hey guys,

We are on a roadtrip from Atlanta (USA) to Honduras. Started the trip in Sep 2016 and are planning to be done in Jan 2017. 

For this purpose we bought our neighbours 1998 Ford Explorer (he was the first owner and a car enthusiast, hence the car was/is in perfect shape) in Sep 2016. 


We just finished our round trip of the Andean countries and are now selling our car in Colombia, Ibagué or Bogota. It has enough space for our many luggage and for the 2 of us to sleep and cook in the car in decent comfort during 6 months.

We never had to worry about the road we took. A powerful 4x4, this car can go everywhere - we met many people not going to cool places because their car couldn't... Be aware of bad roads in Peru, Bolivia, well, a bit everywhere.

** FOR SALE ** 2000 Ford Explorer - Mint condition. PANAMA or COSTA RICA.

From the 17th-29th we will be in Costa Rica then Panama. We are looking to sell the car, having driven it down from Vancouver. Runs great, has the option of 4wd, plently of space to lie down seats and sleep. 

Has 160,000 miles and will run for a lot longer, as it's a 4.0l engine.





FORD F-250 PICKUP CAMPER English for sale in Uruguay

Dear World-Travelers,After about two years travelling through Latin America, I have to leave my beloved pickup camper to the next traveler. The pickup is an indestructible Ford F-250 Heavy Duty without any unnecessary electronics and upgraded suspension. The Lance Lite 916 camper offers enough space and supplies even for long term trips in isolated areas of the world. An ingenious compromise between luxury and off road capabilities.


For Sale: Ford Explorer 4x4 with bed surfboards and everything else you need


I am selling my Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer Edition from 1999 in Panama mid March/ End of March 2016.

Model: Ford Explorer (Eddie Bauer Designer Editon)

Year: 1999

Miles: 145 000 (233 354 km)

Consumption: 12 - 13 l/ 100km or around 18 miles per Gallon

Things included:

- Surfboard (longboard, very good for beginners)

- Roofrack

- Gasoline Cans (2 x 5 Gallons)

- Matress with Pillows and Blankets (space for 2)

- 6 Gallon water tank

- Camping stuff

- Boxes for everything

Truck Camper 4 sale -- Sept 2015 in Minnesota/USA

We're selling our truck camper since our journey ends soon and we'll have to get back home. It's a 1999 Ford F150 XLT 4WD with a Super Cab and stepside bed. The camper is a 1992 Jayco Pop Up Camper and it's got a big 20 gallon water tank and a solar panel. We're aiming to sell the truck and camper as a combination and we're asking 10.000 $. If that shouldn't work out, we'd be willing to sell the truck for 6.000 $ and the camper for 4.000 $.