North America

arches national park utah

Arches National Park, Utah, United States of America


San Cristobal Mexico

What's not to love?  The tastiest food in all of North and Central America, amazing colonial cities like Oaxaca and Taxco, world class waves in Puerto Escondido, Caribbean gorgeousness in the Yucatan peninsula, and living Mayan culture in Chiapas...

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United States and Canada

Ghost Town Montana

Sharing the longest unprotected border in the world, Canada and the United States of America have got tons to offer, if you've got the time and the patience to drive around these huge land masses. Tens of thousands of miles of coastline, towering Rocky mountains, some of the most entertaining cities in the world, huge lakes, wild river rapids, and some of the world's last unspoiled natural landscapes.

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Driving Nicaragua to Southeast Texas (Brownsville)

In the coming months my wife and I plan to drive our vehicle back to the U.S. from Nicaragua.  Our ultimate destination is the southeast U.S. so any route towards southeast Texas appears preferable.  Any advices on the best routes through Central America and Mexico? Is the Atlantic route in Mexico a bad choice? It seems to be the most direct to Brownsville per Mapquest?

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For Sale - Campervan - In Mexico

FOR SALE - Chev Campervan Ready to roll into the Next Adventure!!  Nothing to do, get in and Drive Away to your next adventure!  - 52 9541 262 190 - Mexico  -  WhatsApp - same number

Chev Campervan

Year: '89

V8 Motor 5, 7L - 350 Chev Motor

Licence Plates: California

Electric Windows

Air Condioning (works well!)

Cruise Control

New Battery

Second Battery w converter 12V - 2 Socket 120V + 1

USB - 2 sockets 12V extra + 1 USB - Sony Car Stereo w/ USB access, SD card & Micro SD,

Front Aux Radio, & Front & Rear Speakers

INTERIOR LIKE A MOTOR HOME! (Beautifull Fitout Done!)

- Comfortable Double Bed for 2 People

- Standing Room - includes Tall Peope! lol

- Fan Ventilator

- Plenty of Storage

- Full Pantry


- Gas Cooker- W/ Gas Cylinder 20LB

- Sink w/ tap & electical Water Pump 12V

- 20L Drinking WAter

- Pans, pots, kettle, plates, cups & cutlery


- Eco Toilet

- Camping Table with 2 Chairs custom made

- Ice Chest

This Campervan is Ready to roll away ready to start a new adventure!

Currently in Sunny Coastal - Puerto Escondido, Mexico (Oaxaca State)

Price: $4300 US - negotiable - REDUCED - $4000

PS - We have had no issues with the van in our travels from Border Crossing to Mechanical with the Van,  Through Central America from Costa Rica - Mexico


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