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In the spirit of collaboration, this site is open for any and all roadtrippers to contribute information. There are several ways we make this the most comprehensive site providing current information on driving North, Central, and South America.  Please read the Terms and Conditions for the User Agreement.  

Option 1: Directly add your information to this site

This site is a wiki, so can be edited freely by anyone with an account (sign up now - it's free!).  To make a new wiki-page, look under your user login (left panel of page) and click on 'Wiki page' below 'Create content'.  If you want to make changes to an existing article, simply click the 'edit' tab above any content and make your changes.   If you do not see an edit tab, you are either reading a page that is not editable by the general public, or you do not have sufficient rights to edit. 

Option 2: Contact us

If you have useful information you would like to add to this site, please contact us and we can add it for you. The more specific, the better. If possible, please include phone numbers, prices, and addresses of any hotels or camping spots you are recommending. If you have specific border crossing experiences you want to share, please include the date and exact border location.

General Rules

Please do not use any copyrighted material on this site without appropriate permissions. You are welcome to contribute any work that is your own, work that is freely licensed or material that is in the public domain.

The number one rule of wiki editing, is to be bold. Dive in and make changes. Other people can correct mistakes later, so have confidence, and give it a try! There can be all kinds of editing conventions, rules, and philosophy governing the editing of wiki pages, but the "be bold" rule overrides these!

In general try to write clearly and concisely and make sure you are always aiming to do something which improves the wiki contents. An edit might be to contribute whole paragraphs or pages full of information, or it could be as simple as fixing a typo or spelling mistake.

Before you save a change, you can enter a short note in the Summary box describing your changes. Don't worry too much about this, or spend too much time thinking about it, but try to give a little description of what you just changed e.g. "fixed typo" or "added more information about sunflowers".  The summary gets stored alongside your edit, and allows people to in the wiki more effectively.

It's a good idea to use the 'Show preview' button to see what your change will look like, before you save it. This is also related to because every time you save, this is displayed to others as a separate change. This isn't something to worry about too much, but it's good to get into the habit of eliminating mistakes in your own work, by using a preview before saving, rather than saving several minor corrections afterwards. 

Remember you should always aim to improve the overall contents of the wiki with your edits. 

We value freedom of expression but we do not guarantee free speech

DTA values freedom of expression on our site but we do not guarantee the right to free speech. We believe our community will thrive when there is freedom to present what you want, but not at the expense of others.

Thank you.

Tue, 09/29/2015 - 12:26

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I would like to stay longer than the alloted time under the permit of 6 months in Mexico and 3 months in Guatamala.  Other than losing your deposit, are there any other consequenses to letting your vehicle permit expire.

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Mon, 03/28/2016 - 13:45

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I would like to share a container with someone to ship from Panama to Cartagena in early June.  Please let em know if you have interest.


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Nissan Pathfinder 4x4 for sale August 2017 in North-Chile

You look for a car to travel and to sleep in ? The Pathfinder 4x4 is for you! 

• Nissan Pathfinder 3.3l V6,AC, manual gearbox, year 2001
• About 230 000 km
• Around 13l/100km
• 4WD with reduction gearbox, Ironman rear springs, good for exploring those back roads
• Rooftop tent and bed inside the car (and all seats still in the car)
• Alarm, anti-smash & tinted windows
• Curtains (to keep your privacy)
• Fully equipped with cooking & camping gear
• Price 7000 USD

More details
• Spacious and comfortable rooftop tent with 140x230cm bed (1000 USD when new) sitting on nice Thule metal roof bars (340 USD)
• Dis-mountable bed structure in the car with a 140x190cm thick foam mattress, pillows and blankets
• Special anti-break window tinting (worth about 200 USD), so thieves have a hard life
• Curtains all around the car, so nobody can see inside when you park or sleep inside
• Anti-mosquito netting on the back windows, if you sleep you can wind down the windows without getting stung
• Ironman rear springs - lifts the back of the car, more secure with lots of weight and a big advantage when off-road
• New radio (with USB, AUX and Bluetooth :)
• 200 V power inverter and USB charger to charge your things like laptop, phone, camera, ….
• 12V Compressor + flat tire repair kit
• Two walkie-talkies (nice if you travel with other people)
• Everything to cook a five-star meal: Two burner Coleman stove with 3kg refillable propane tank (last few weeks!). Cooking set (pots, pans, cups, and cutlery). Moka pot (…perfect if you love coffee). Coolbox.
• Plastic containers for storage
• Two camping chairs
• Big lockable box on the roof with some basic tools (spares, screwdrivers, saw)
• 20L jerry can on the roof – a must have for Bolivia and always a good idea
• All the necessary safety equipment for the SA countries (incl. fire extinguisher, metal tow rod, sheet to cover the body)
• Three sets of keys and two sets of alarm remote control

Maintenance of the car
• Regular oil and filter changes with full synthetic oil (last time in April 2017)
• New wipers (March 2017)
• Nearly new Ironman rear springs (December 2016, 350 USD)
• All the bushings have been replaced (December 2016) – rides nice and quiet
• All the belts have been changed (at 170 000 km) (just to be sure)
• Nearly new Panasonic Battery (September 2016)
• Brake pads have been changed (March 2017) and discs have been straightened (August 2016)
• Full service of the car (March 2017)

To buy a car in Chile is super easy. All you need is a RUT (can be done in no time in Vina del Mar). Other than that, we have all the papers ready : Technica (valid until August 2017; the last one has been done in March 2017), permiso de circulación (valid until March 2018) and chilean insurance (valid until March 2018).

Interested? Questions? Then, write us:

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