For Sale 82 VW Vanagon Westfalia 1.6l Diesel 17000$ California/Washington/Oregon

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#1 Sat, 06/16/2018 - 14:28

For Sale 82 VW Vanagon Westfalia 1.6l Diesel 17000$ California/Washington/Oregon

Hello travellers,
after a great trip through the States and Central America, we want to sell our beloved van next Sept/Oct around California, Washington or Oregon. We had a lot of fun with the car and never got stranded. The 1.6l diesel engine runs great and has a super low consumption: 30mpg (7l/100km).

We bought it last year in Wisconsin (2nd owner) and repaired everything to have a reliable and comfortable house on wheels.

Facts about the car:
- rebuilt engine with 30.000 miles / 154.000 miles on the body
(doesn't consume any oil)
- new timing belt
- new diesel pump & lines
- rebuilt starter & alternator
- 1.5 inch lift for better clearance (VW Syncro springs front & back)
- body in good condition
- original paint with some rusty spots
- high quality shocks (Bilstein & Koni)
- new brakecylinders and pads in the front & back
- new brake & clutch hoses
- new clutch master & slave cylinder
- new water pressure tank & hoses
- new poptop tent
- rebuilt ceiling cabinet
- original curtains, seat/matress covers, mosquito net complete and in good condition
- Porsche leather cover for ceiling
- Michelin tires

The van comes with everthing you need for a roadtrip, e.g.
- kitchen stuff
- 12V fridge
- tools: screwdrivers, allens, wrenches, pliers, etc. & original jack and a big wrench for opening the back axis
- spare parts: alternator (new!), belts, radiator fan, waterpump, pressure tank, light bulbs, fuses, interior plastic parts
- 2 big batteries with a switch (kill switch or more power with both batteries together)
- little solar panel for charging the batteries
- 2000W Power inverter for 110v supply
- new radio (aux/usb)

We did oil changes every 2000 miles and other maintainance all the time. This Vanagon is ready to hit the road!

If you need more information or pictures please contact us via or Whatsapp +4915226466302


We try to answer as soon as we can...

Simon & Joana