For Sale: Converted Chevrolet Super Carry 2003 (ie The Ultimate Budget Van) in Bogota

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#1 Thu, 10/04/2018 - 19:25

For Sale: Converted Chevrolet Super Carry 2003 (ie The Ultimate Budget Van) in Bogota

The ultimate budget overlanding van! We bought the car in Bogota and did the conversion ourselves.

About the car:
Super common car in most of South america, especially in Colombia, so is super easy to maintain and get spares if necessary. It is super fuel efficient at 6 litres/ 100km with a 1000cc engine. The small engine means it aint the most powerful vehicle out there, but it has taken us up some very steep mountain passes to over 4000m. It obviously isn't a 4x4 but has very high ground clearance. Engine got a complete rehaul beginning of the year and we haven't had a problem with it. Recently flushed radiator and new front suspension.
It is Colombian registered, which makes it easy to properly transfer into your name (you will get a super legit ownership card issued) if you buy it from us in Bogota. (In the Colombian system you just need to register yourself to the system at a traffic department and can then own a car). 

About the conversion:
2 metre, permanent bed in the back. Mosquito net & curtains fitted (and removable), as well as LED lights. Underneath are drawers for storage of clothes and kitchen equiment pulls out the back. It would come with everything included, like gazebo (rain shelter), camp chairs, cutlery & crockery, cooler box etc.
We have had a great time in this car (even while both being very tall) and it'll bring oodles of adventure. Huge pro is being super discreet on the roads, no one can see you're an overlander.

Asking price USD3900

Mon, 10/15/2018 - 12:18

Hey, would be interested in

Hey, would be interested in your van, but our budget is around 2k€ :/ we'll land to Bogota on 20th of October. minja @