Sell Van Astro Chevrolet fitted - Santiago - Mars 2017

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Sell Van Astro Chevrolet fitted - Santiago - Mars 2017

Hello to all, 

We are a french couple, sorry for our english ! You can check this ad in french following  this link :

After 6 months around the Andes, we finished our trip  beginning-middle of March, 2017. We visited Chile, a part of Peru, Bolivia and Argentina. But very unfortunately, we now have to go back to work!

We fitted it to obtain a cosy nest, to be able to face road conditions  which are sometimes a little bit rough,  all in comfort:

The machine:
Astro van 4.3 L year 2005
Engine V6 190 horses
It will be approximately 175 000 km at the end. We had it at 155 000 km and we made approximately 4000 km.

Very comfortable driving position to realize great distances. The two seats are very comfortable. 

Very practical automatic box when its time to drive in city in hard conditions (ex La Paz)!

Bottom of the van has enough floor clearance. It is not a 4X4 but he allowed us to pass everywhere and it is sufficient for South America.

Air conditioning (very useful in deserts!) and heating in front and in the back

Car radio with transmitter FM to listen music from a cell phone.

3 chargers 12 volts in front and 1 in the back very useful to load PC, iceboxes and other electronic devices on the way.

6 lights on the top  used on the main battery. We have never had problem of battery but take care if do not drive during several days.

We were helped by a company in Santiago (who is called Suzy Santiago) for the steps and to choose this van because we wanted to take no risk with the vehicle. Indeed, many vehicles on the Internet pleased us but this person  helped us to choose the right vehicle with the driver comfort in mind (and yes 20 000 km in an old car, it can be long!) and the robustness of the vehicle. As he told  us, it is no necesary to have a wheel fitted if the vehicle doesn’t work ! On the road we were able to confirm this choice: no problem of mechanics!

We are only the second owners.

We have all the papers in order.

Valid inspection to March, 2017 (that we refer at the time of the sale).

Unique insurance for all  the South America valid until April, 2017, we can recommend that it avoids getting bored on every border and it is not be more expensive!

As said before, we were helped in the purchase but we can inform you and  help you for the steps (Knowing where to go is not very complicated) you need a number of Chilean RUT and a Chilean guarantor to buy the van.

Outside state:
Good condition except for a scratch on a door
Roof bars
Reservoir: 90 L work in the gasoline

The inside:
We built the van so that everything is  accessible from the inside because it is necessary to be honest, it  is  often cold in this area! We opted for this system of arrangement so that everything is removable and washable very easily because there is a lot of dust in South America!

-  ground of lino, easy  to clean.

- the van is completely isolated, except on windows where we added a system of removable insulation. It allows to let in the sun at the good moments and to keep heat after  the sunset, while taking advantage of the view since the sofa. In six months of journey among which two at more than 4000 meters in height, we were never cold (inside!).

- a sofa bed who is simply transformed by making him slide (in two minutes)
- a custom-made mattress 180 X 130 cms with washable cover
- two pillows good comfort
- two fitted sheets, a sheet, a quilt cover, three kits of pillowcases
- an exceptionally hot duvet in down of duck which has allows us to cross great nights up to 4600 meters by sleeping in underwear !
- a light and washable synthetic duvet which we used alone when it was warm and when we put by top the big when it was cold. We also used him to protect the beautiful duvet  during the day.

Organising interior space
- many arrangements in the van : big box near the driver, and big box integrated above the control station and behind the van. A big box on the passage of wheels allows to  put all the material.
- a vertical tower of arrangement which we used for the dishes and a part of food.
- two boxes with opening by the top which we used for the affairs of toilet
- three rectangular boxes of arrangement which we used for the food and the shoes.
- four flat boxes of arrangement under the sofa to put all our clothes.

To specify that we brought too many clothe and that we like making big full of foods in the economic places, that is why there is a great deal of arrangements! 

Accessories inside:
To cook, everything you need for two:
- a pan, a frying pan, two plates, two glasses, a peeler,  a whisk ...
-We had our stove for hiking which we used in the van, we plan to keep it.
- a table to use in the van or outside
- two seats to use outside
- an icebox 25L which allows to keep everything for the cool (on sector and on 12V)
- a basin to wash dishes and clothes
- brush, floor cloth

For  tinkering
- saw, hammer, screws, scissors
- thread, adhesive tape
- shovel
-Crik, necessity of repair with compressor 12V (great practical!)
- Fire extinguisher, triangle of safety
- 2 petrol gericans of 20 liters (to fill up in the places where the gasoline is less expensive or simply before crossing deserts!
- brake fluid, of cooling and transmission fluid

Realized works:
-  Oil changing every 8000 km (recommended all 10000) with oil and air filters
- changed spark plugs( X6)
- triangle of suspension changed at the purchase

We made regular checks up before making each part of the travel (ruta 40, Carretera austral, Bolivia, Peru) at this  moment everything  workswell!

-book guides of Chile, Argentina, Bolivia.(in french)
- maps of hike of the Park Tres Cruces in Chile, Torres del Paine, El Chalten-Fitz Roy, Bariloche, Park Nahuel Huapi (mount Tronador)

And can be others bought on the road until return!

The price is 8500 euros.

You can contact us or by e-mail: or by what app (everybody uses this application here) in +33 ( 0 ) 6 66 90 67 68, we shall answer as quickly as possible according to the internet connections.

See you soon.

Olivier and Nawale.

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