Ship your motorcycle/bike from Panama to Cartagena

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#1 Fri, 02/10/2017 - 15:48

Ship your motorcycle/bike from Panama to Cartagena

Hey guys!

In Portobelo, Colon there's a sailboat heading to Cartagena!

It's a 27m long sailboat (you'll appreciate its size in high seas! LOL) it's one of the biggests boats in the Caribbean! It has 21 beds, but is willing to leave with 6 ppl+motorbikes.

- It will go straight from Portobelo to Cartagena!

- It costs U$800 per person with motorcycle, all inclusive!!

- Travellers with bikes or with no means of transportation are welcome too!! at a lower fare :)

Please contact Francesco at +507 6739 1685 (he's got whatsapp!) or at . He'll give you all the info you need and will happily answer all of your questions!


Safe travels!

Thu, 05/18/2017 - 05:35

I want to ride in this sail

I want to ride in this sail boat which is very long in size. I have seen the photos of this boat at which is really nice. This is really good news to the people who wants to travel in the sea. The Caribean is famous for sailing and many people are interested in travelling on a sailing boat.

Tue, 06/20/2017 - 02:00

Thanks for the information!

Thanks for the information!

Wed, 06/21/2017 - 23:12

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