Toyota Dolphin 1984

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Toyota Dolphin 1984

Toyota Dolphin 1984 RV
US$ 9,900 OBO

2.4L 22R Engine
60K Miles / 96.000 Kms

Our Toyota Dolphin Motorhome registered in the USA/Nevada with 60K Miles (~96K Kms) is for sale.
It is a 1984, 2.4 Liter, 4 cylinders, 4 speed stick shift (manual transmission) with the famed 22R engine.
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Currently in Playa Del Carmen – close to Cancun in Mexico. Inspection, handover, time and place can be arranged and is flexible. Registering the RV in the USA, in Washington State can be arranged with an external service. Receiving the new title, registration and plates will take ~ 6 weeks.

The interior is freshly renovated, has brand new laminated floors, new seat covers, fresh paint and caulking. All windows have seamless insect / mosquito screens.
The exterior is slightly worn with some minor scratches. Some of the original stripes are missing and the hood has some dings as well.
Combined with the fact that we didn’t wash the car on our trip this look helped us to keep a low-key appearance while crossing the Americas.

This car has crossed many roads described as for 4WD only.
Not once it has let us down and is ready to take on the world.

Length 21 feet / 6.4 m

Fuel: Gasoline
Fuel Tank: 17.2 gal / 65 Litres
Fuel Consumption: 16MPG or 14.7L/100Km

Freshwater capacity: 17.5 gal / 66 Litres
Greywater capacity: 19 gal / 72 Litres
Blackwater capacity: 19 gal / 72 Litres
Shurflo freshwater pump

Electric: Batteries Total: 3
Inverter: 2,000W
Output: USB, 110V Sockets, etc.
Electric Fans off the house batteries
New A/C, works when connected to external source
Heavy Duty External electric cable 20’
4 Solar Panels charge the batteries
Large new A/C unit working off grid

Propane: 6 gal / 23 Litres (the propane tank is removable for easy refueling)

Service: Serviced by Toyota, all fluids changed, carburetor refurbished, etc.
New brakes, new bearings on the back axle.
Has not leaked oil or any other fluids on our trip.

Tires: 7 New tires, 6 with 5000 Miles / 8000 Km on them, 1 of them is spare, unused


Kitchen has enough countertop space to prepare food, featuring a large fridge and freezer (4 cu ft) works off the propane or electricity, Microwave (yes it does work off the house batteries), 4 burner stove works off propane, oven, stainless sink, Berkey Water Purifier with 2 Black Ceramic Elements ( ), hot water using propane, cupboards and cabinetry for all supplies, foodstuff and utensils. Toolbox and other storage area under the oven / sink.

Living area includes 23” LCD TV screen on mounted adjustable arm with HDMI, DVD/CD player, Stereo Radio System, LED lighting, brand new upholstery, overhead clothing storage and large cabinet, storage under the benches, power outlets, including USB, new flooring and baseboard, matching cushions and pillows, blinds overall, rooftop hatches, two electric fans.

Bathroom has a toilet with manual flush, wall mounted hot and cold shower, vanity and other storage, solar shower.

Sleeping area is over the cab with panorama and side windows with curtains, a real queen size mattress, storage and LED lights.

INCLUDED with the RV are the following items. All of these items are either brand new or less than 6 months old.

Kitchen: tea kettle, Large 10qt pot, 1 large cast iron skillet (in and outdoor cooking), 2 frying pans, tray, wooden spoons, plates, mugs, cups, utensils for 2 people, peeler, cutting board, plastic containers fitting the available space, camping table with folding legs, 2 camping chairs, I outdoor griddle.

Bedroom: Queen size mattress 3 months old, 3 pillows, 1 Blanket, 1 Set of sheets and pillow cases

Tools: Toolbag full set of metric and imperial keys and wrenches, screwdrivers, cordless Bosch drill kit with extra battery and charger, all drill and screw bits, 12V DC air pump, 20 Liter gas jerrycan. Pipes and hoses for fresh and other water, in and out. All brand new replacement belts and hoses for the car.