Naughty Lamp Lighters

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Naughty LampLighters came about when Julia, Stanley, Niels and little 2 year old Eowyn drove from Mombasa, Kenya to Ven Zelderheide, Netherlands in 2008. Julia’s last name is Stout, which means ‘naughty’ in Dutch, and Stanley and Niels’ last name is Luchters, which means ‘lamplighter’. That first trip was such an amazing experience, such a perfect way to travel, that we set out again in 2011 – this time for one year and with the addition of one year old Senna (Eowyn, already the world traveller was 4), travelling from Amsterdam to Cape Town. Now Eowyn is 11 years and Senna 7 years and we are setting out around Australia and beyond. Exact itinerary TBD but currently heading towards South America.


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