About Us

Our Vision

Provide the best information on driving the Americas in a user-friendly, esthetically appealing format, and provide social networking capabilities for travelers.

Our Story

We were two couples Driving the Americas, frustrated by the lack of information on road conditions, customs, finances, maps, other travelers. We happened upon each others' blogs, connected in Puerto Escondido, Mexico and later again in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala. We decided to combine efforts and experiences to build the basics of this website. As we continued our travels south through Central America, we met many other people who were driving as well and realized this wasn't such a crazy thing to be doing after all.

While our journeys are now complete (read more at JoyDrive and TheDarienPlan) we are still working to make this the best site possible.  With help from people currently on the road, this is the most up to date site about driving to South America.