Streets of La Paz Bolivia

Streets of La Paz, Bolivia


This article contains most of the basic information to help your drive through Boliva: borders, roads under construction, and hotels with parking. 

Basic Facts

  • Population: 9,119,152
  • Capital: Sucre
  • Fun Fact: Bolivia has been a landlocked nation since 1879, when it lost its coastal department of Litoral to Chile in the War of the Pacific.
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Additional Bolivia Border Crossing Information

/users/kristinPeople's individual experiences crossing Bolivian borders are included in this article.  Please read the general Bolivia article for basic information about borders, road conditions, and gas prices.

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No Gas for Tourists in Bolivia?

Roadtrippers in Bolivia are reporting that gas stations are refusing to sell gas to vehicles with foreign plates since a new law passed in December 2011.

Gasoline in Bolivia is very cheap due to government subsidization, which causes persons to drive in from neighboring countries such as Argentina and Chile to fill up their tanks.  To counteract this, Bolivia passed a law in December of 2011 stating that vehicles with foreign plates need to pay a price about 3 times higher than the standard rate.

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