Information about Peru

place to stay and park Peru, Caraz

great place to stay in Caraz,an hour from huaraz,quiet town everything you need.At Los pinos lodge you can park in the beautiful garden for 5sol,they have double,single rooms.Plus shared rooms with kitchen and hot water from 15-20 sols.Parque San Martin 103.51(43)[email protected].

Peru-Borders, Roads, Hotels, and Camping

Read more about border crossing, road closures, driving, gas prices, hotels, and camping in Peru.

Basic Facts

  • Population: 29,180,900
  • Capital: Lima
  • Fun Fact: Peru is home to Machu Picchu, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
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Additional Peru Border Crossing Information

People's experiences vary depending on crowds at the border, corrupt or honest border officials, and rules can also change. Read more about individual experiences at specific borders here.

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