4WD Van MITSUBISHI DELICA with bed - Peru, Colombia or around

General information
Mitsubishi Delica 2800 turbodiesel intercooler
4WD with extra low gear and differential lock
Building year: 1996
Automatic gearbox
Right hand drive
ODO: 235 000 km

Toyota Van 4x4 for sale in Chile


I have a 1987 Toyota Van 4x4 in Chile that I would like to sell to another foreigner. The van has 135k miles (217k Km) and is good condition. Please PM me if interested, I can send pictures with details.


Includes: cooking system, Optima dual battery system, outdoor shower, custom storage that doubles as bed for 2 people, mechanic tool set, and roof rack for boards and gear.


Thanks for reading,





WANTED: Toyota 4Runner by Jan '15

I'm an American who is arriving to South America from Europe in early January to explore the continent.  I'm looking to purchase a reliable and well cared for Toyota 4Runner with 4WD.  A US registered 4Runner would be ideal, but is not a firm requirement.  

Camping gear is not necessary, as I have my own.  But, I am willing to consider any items that would be useful and/or essential for my journey.

**WANTED** 4x4/Campervan in Chile/Argentina/Peru early March 2015!!!

Hello all,

So I am planning a road trip to South America beginning of March 2015 with my girlfriend. At the moment we are planning flying to Santiago, Chile and from there hope to find a wonderful van/car to make our home for the next 4 months as we adventure around. 

FOR SALE: 4WD Toyota 4Runner in Argentina (Febr 2015)

In February 2015 we, a Dutch couple, are going to sell our amazing 4WD Toyota 4Runner in Argentina (Buenos Aires). We bought the car (registered in Canada) from the Canadian owner, who prepared the car especially for the tough roads in South America. The car is lifted and bigger kevlar tires are attached to create a high ground clearance. We can you provide you with all the necessary camping equipment. It’s a perfect vehicle for a South American trip. Since it’s a common vehicle in these countries, spare parts are available everywhere. We have been driven everywhere without any problems.

Car thoughts for driving the Andes; advice for what spares/car stuff to bring

We're nine months into a trip from the US to Ushuaia, driving a 2010 Toyota RAV4 limited, 4cyl, AWD.  Currently in Santiago, Chile, we have criss-crossed the Andes all the way down, not shying away from difficult terrain. We spent a lot of time in northern Peru and Bolivia on marginal dirt/rock roads, and some time in Bolivia completely offroad. If you are just surfing your way down the coast, this post probably isn't applicable to you. Also, if you're planning on sitcking largely to paved roads, you can probably skip it as well. 


4WD Camper FOR SALE | 2001 Mitsubishi Montero

Hello travellers, our 5 month road trip is coming to an end and we need to sell our travel partner for the last few months. We plan to sell end of November - December, at the latest early January between North Chile and Santiago, depending on the buyer. Right now we are in Peru and travelling down the coast to Chile.

For more photos, please visit mitsubishimontero2001forsale.weebly.com


FOR SALE: 4WD Mitsubishi Montero all terrain campervan in Argentina

It is a 1991 Mitsubishi Montero with gasoline engine, manual transmission 5 speed. The vehicle is up to date!
It is prepared as a camper van for 2 people. This car is for you if you want to live comfortably on the road, and still have a lot of the advantages of driving in a 4WD car. Because it's comfortable, you will save on hotels which in many amazing places do not exist.

We drive the car since 5 years! The car has been a fantastic asset for highway and off-road driving and is very reliable. We are selling it because we are looking for a baby so it will be small for us.

Moglander 4x4 Unimog Camper for Sale $39,000 USD in Brazil

Truck: 1986 Unimog 4x4 Motorhome
Price: $39,000 USD
Location: Foz de Iguazu, Brazil
Registration: Ireland

Want an overland vehicle which can go anywhere? Climb mountains, cross the jungle, take you to the ends of the earth? The moglander, a unimog U1300L camper is it. This truck’s crossed the steps of Asia, the desert of Morocco, the Andes from Patagonia to Colombia, and even the Amazon.

** SOLD ** Toyota hiace cruising cabin for sale !

we are planning to return around Buenos Aires after one year on the panamerican, and are willing to sell our marvelous toyota Hiace “Cruising Cabin”.