Jeep Cherokee 2000, 219,000km for Sale in Rio de Janeiro

2000 Jeep Cherokee 4.0 Inline 4x4 Automatic, 219,000km (136,000 miles) for Sale for USD4000. (EUR 3000) -pictures below - ready to go on its next adventure.

Shipping from Brazil or Suriname

Looking for any shipping info and/or someone to share a containr from Brazil/Suriname to North America. We are very flexible on dates over the next few months, as well as final destination. Heck, we'll even consider Africa or europe as destinations if you've got a container...

If you're interested, please contact us.


Ford Explorer XLT 4X4 2002 for sale April/May in Argentinia, Uruguay, Brazil, Paraguay

our trip through the americas from Canada to Brazil is coming to an end. So we would like to give you the opportunity to buy our Ford Explorer.

The Good Son Returns Home project! Travel along from your internet connection...

Hey Everyone,

Please check out to see my project to drive from NY to Brazil! I have 2 weeks left to raise my funding goal to be able to document the whole trip and share it with everyone. Please check it out, Contribute (and get a Perk for doing it), and then share it with your social networks.

I need this project to go viral! Be a part of an amazing adventure from the comfort of your internet connection...thanks for checking this out!


Best country to purchase/sell a car

Hey you experienced road-trippers...

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For Sale: Isuzu Trooper 4WD Campervan in Brazil

We are selling our trusty Isuzu Trooper come camper in either Rio de Janeiro or Sao Paulo at the end of this April or start of May, 2012.  We have removed the rear seats and built a bed platform with plenty of storage below the platform.  The car comes complete with two spair tires, all cooking gear (pots/pans/stove/cutlery/etc.), refrigerator, Mattress, pillows, blanket (for patagonia), camping chairs, curtains, air compressor, 30 liters of jerry cans, tools, basically anything you need to live out of a car in south america.  

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$100 weekend in Rio?

Who would have thought that a weekend in Rio could be cheap?  The clever folks at the New York Times claim a $100 weekend in Rio - what do you think?

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