Wanted, Camper Van

Dear all,

Late May or at the beginning of June I hope to start my adventure! I will Start in Chile, but I am flexible and can start in Argentina or Uruguay. I'm still doubting between buying over there, or shipping from home (The Netherlands). One of the reasons are the costs, my budget for a car is around the €5000,- . Secondly I need a well isolated car which I can ride through Patagonia during the winter and it needs to be reliable.

So I hope you guys can help me with some advise, or can help me on buying my future car ;).

Thanks all,

Cheers, Joost

Buying a Van with Paraguay plates in Colombia

Hi guys,

lots of information on this topic as I'm reading up on it, just not getting the whole picture here for my situation. We're hoping to buy a van with Paraguay plates in Colombia. As the plates of the van are registered in Paraguay we can't put ownership 'cedula' of the van in our name unless in Paraguay. So we would need to go to a notary and get a 'Poder' documument to give us the power of attorney over this vehicle. Up to here it's clear and sounds reasonable. However my questions are:

5/6-seat RV Motorhome needed in Santiago in Late July / Early August 2017


I am planning to do a roadtrip from Santiago starting Late July / Early August 2017.  I would like to have a RV / Motorhome that will have space for 5/6 people. My budget is USD $15,000 or EUR 13,500. I will also be selling the car again at Santiago in Late August / Early September again so I am more than welcome if anyone would like to express their interest in it by then. 

I would be grateful if interested sellers would also post the photos of their vehicle (if you already own them) or give me a link as to the vehicle that you are going to buy. Thank you.

WANTED MiniVan around Guatemala (March/April)

Looking to buy a MiniVan in and around Guatemala this March/April.

We are interested in a Toyota Hiace or similar (Hyundai Grace) from around the '90's, maybe early '00's if the price is right. Ready to go camper or used collectivo with good engine, looks are not important.

Contact us if you think you have a deal that just can't be missed.

(Please allow a couple of days for a reply because internet is not always available.)

WANTED: to buy a camper in north Chile mid FEB 2015

Hi there,

We are a kiwi/english couple looking to travel north to south chile in our own vehicle. Is anyone needing to sell a vehicle around then, preferably with:

  • cooker
  • bed
  • dining functions

Please get in touch if you have what we might be looking for, especially if in a cheaper price bracket (<$7000 USD).

Also if anyone has any information on buying a car in north Chile including tax regions, registration etc that would be greatly appreciated. 


Buying in Nicaragua, Selling in Costa Rica

I have no idea how paper work or anything goes with this stuff. I want to buy a car in Nicaragua and sell it in Costa Rica.... Possible? Or would it be easier to buy it in Costa Rica and then re-sell it in Costa Rica. HELP and give me your information and knowledge!

Selling Honda Wagon in Panama or Costa Rica

Selling our 1995 Honda Accord Wagon in late October or early November 2012. We are in El Salvador now but are continuing to head south. Would like to finish our expedition and sell our vehicle in Costa Rica or Panama.

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HONDA ACCORD WAGON for sale in Central America- 10/2012 or 11/2012

Selling our 1995 Honda Accord Station Wagon in late October or early November 2012. We are in southern Mexico now but will be in Central America in the coming weeks. Would like to finish our expedition and sell our vehicle in Nicaragua, Costa Rica, or Panama.

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Setting off soon - a few questions

Hi all, we're new to the site and are planning a trip that starts this summer. We live in the UK. We'll be flying to the US to buy a campervan in July and then plan to enter Mexico at Tijuana, drive down Baja California and then drive to Argentina via everywhere-ish! It's great to find a place where we can converse with like-minded folk. Sorry there are so many questions below...

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