Camper Van

WANTED: Camper van for Chile this Feb/March/April

Hi fellow vagabonds!

I am currently in the process of driving from California to Chile. I am going to live in Chile for 9 months, conducting research on how to integrate computer science into the Chilean public school curriculum. I'm ready for my first camper van. Looking for a proper camper van with room for a bed, comfortable enough to live in. I'm thinking a converted SUV won't be big enough.

Please message me if you are looking to sell your camper van in Chile or somewhere close around March. Would love to meet some fellow road trippers and swap stories. 

WANTED: Camper Van (VW T2 or alike) in PERU/CHILE/BRAZIL in September

Fellow travellers -- We are a Belgian-German couple looking to buy a camper van in September in PERU, CHILE or BRAZIL. We would love to buy a Volkswagen Combi T2 (original old version or newly manufactured in Brazil) and therefore any offer for a decent VW Combi without breaking the bank would be greatly appreciated!

Equally welcome is of course any suggestion or insight where to find a T2, or another similar camper van, in the said countries. Feel free to reply in the forum or to shoot us directly an email to [email protected]


HOLA  A [email protected]!!

We are a  spanish couple,  who are looking for a campervan or other type of vehicle to travel around Latinoamerica for a long time.

We would like to buy it around México, so we will start in Cancún.

Our budget is between $1.500  - $5,000 US dollars. Full equipment is optional , it depends on the price.

If you are in another area of centro america but have a great van please contact us. We are waiting for your offer!!!!



We are a couple who are looking for a campervan ideally in Colombia / Ecuador?!! our budget is between $3,000 - $5,000 US dollars. Ideally with bed and stove ect.

If you are in another area of south america but have a great van please contact me we would be willing to travel and start our adventure the other way round if buying a van in Colombia is not meant to be!


My email is [email protected], any advise on where to search for a van would be very welcome - or how to insure ect!!!

1996 VW Kombi Bus FOR SALE IMMEDIATELY - Ready to Travel

- Completely redone upholstery, lots of cabinets for storage.

- Solar panels and inverter to charge electronics, LED lights inside

- Rear seating that converts to a bed big built for 6'+ man and his companion

- in Ecuador, registration current

- Second battery included also small stove and kitchen supplies included if you want them

$6,800 obo, please contact me if interested [email protected]

Sold! - in Santiago de Chile!!

Meet Alfred: 2008 Mitsubishi L 300 2.0. Nice big van, queen size bed. Fits three people in the front. Big and comfortable for two people with a lot of gear, and yet small enough to find parking in the city. We gave Alfred a full treatment on January, and we haven't had any problems with him.
We leave Alfred ready for the road, so just hope in and start your adventure!
We ask for Alfred 6,000 USD or best offer.
Some more information:

WANTED Camper Van/4x4/pickup/car in Punta Arenas

We are four friends from Barcelona who are going on a roadtrip around south America beggining mid-February in Buenos Aires. We are looking for a vehicle able to drive around Patagonia, Bolivia and Perú. Currently we are in Punta arenas and our plan is to buy the car here so we can continue our trip north! :)

If you have a vehicle that fits this please send us an email to: [email protected]

Thank you!!

Best regards,


WANTED Camper Van/4x4/pickup in Ushuaia or Buenos Aires mid February.

We are 4 friends from Barcelona who plan on doing a long road trip around south America. We will start at Ushuaia or Buenos Aires around the 18th February 2016.

We are looking for a 4x4 vehicle like "toyota 4 runner Sr5", "Subaru Forester"... or similar. A Van would also be good for our trip if it drives good over old roads.

If you have something to offer us, please send me an email to [email protected].

Thank you!

Wanted Campervan/pickup with camper/4x4 van Chile January 2016


We are a Dutch couple planning to travel around South-America, starting mid-January 2016 in Santiago, Chile. If you are ending your trip and want to sell your campervan, please contact us by replying to this post or sending an email to gretavdbrand at It needs to fit surfboards :) 


Joost & Greta

WANTED: CAMPER/VAN in VANCOUVER area in January/February 2016

Hello everybody!

We are planning to start our adventure driving from Vancouver all the way down to Panama around January next year. We are looking for a VAN/CAMPER/Whatever suitable that fits three people.

We live in Vancouver so anywhere "near" here is more than fine.

If anybody knows any deal please let us know. Also, if anybody is planning a trip around these dates, let us know if you want to share some of your road time with us.

Thank you very much! :)

Meri, Adrià and Javi.