For sale: Mitsubishi 4x4 Delica campervan

Travelled the "Panamerican highway" from Canada to Ushuaia. At the moment the car is in Buenos Aires and I'm in Europe but I'll be back in Buenos Aires in spring time (half September 2013).

For sale/rent: Mitsubishi 4x4 Delica campervan

For sale in Argentina: Mitsubishi Delica 4x4 capervan.

In good condition, 180.000 km, diesel, automatic, 4x4, new belts and rear tires. Fully equiped for 2 persons. Bed 70/140x200 cm. Stove, pots&pans, tools, chairs, pillows, spare parts/tires, maps, etc, etc. Lots of extra's! Canadien (BC) licence plate. Interested? I'll be in Buenos Aires half September 2013. Feel free to contact me for more info and pics. 


We are a Dutch couple and with pain in our hart we will sell our home for the past 5 month's. It's a 1992 15 window
brasilian made volkswagen t2 van (Kombi, as they call it here in South America), converted into a camper.

For Sale NOW- Chile\Argentina\Bolivia 81 VW Vanagon Country Homes Camper - Sleeps 4

Engine Rebuilt 1 year ago at Fred´s VW in Bay Area, CA.

Trans rebuilt 5 months ago.

Sleeps 4. Has backup battery on which interior lights\fridge\radio\sink run.

Many extras and additions.

Custom-added swing-out spare mount on back from pathfinder.

Headlights upgraded (technically too powerful for States now).

Registered in CA.

We are in Bolivia now but probably headed south soon.

Willing to negotiate location\price...possibly meet in Chile free trade zone to avoid taxes etc.

Write me for more details! 

MID JAN 2012 - Looking for a VAN

Hey guys,

I am searching for a wee little reliable Van I can call home whilst travelling South America. I will be in Argentina but am happy to discuss pick up in a different country. If you have or know of anything I may be interested shoot me an email at delacruz.sara at!!

Look forward to hearing from you!



For Sale: Isuzu Trooper 4WD Campervan in Brazil

We are selling our trusty Isuzu Trooper come camper in either Rio de Janeiro or Sao Paulo at the end of this April or start of May, 2012.  We have removed the rear seats and built a bed platform with plenty of storage below the platform.  The car comes complete with two spair tires, all cooking gear (pots/pans/stove/cutlery/etc.), refrigerator, Mattress, pillows, blanket (for patagonia), camping chairs, curtains, air compressor, 30 liters of jerry cans, tools, basically anything you need to live out of a car in south america.  

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1989 Ford Jamboree 27ft for sale in Costa Rica

1989 Ford Jamboree 27ft for sale in Costa Rica.

all in perfect working condition, engine runs great, no mechanical issues, has 73000 original miles.

see attached images.

for more details pls contact Jonathan at: [email protected]


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selling our RV in Costa Rica

As we now approach the end of our wonderfull 4 months trip in central america, we say goodbye (and thank you!) to our faithful friend, a 27 ft, class c, 1989 Ford jambory, California registered, runs great, packed with everything that a travelling family can dream of and ALL in perfect working condition!

So if you´re planning to travel from Costa Rica (or Panama), this might be the perfect thing for you!!!

We´ll be in Costa Rica 'till the end of december 2011.

contact us for more info\pics - [email protected]

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Volkswagen Vanagon Style Westfalia 1993 for Sale in Argentina/Chile in 05/2012 or later

Hi Everybody,

we have been travelling with our 1993, Transporter/Vanagon Westfalia Equipped popup Camper for 12 Months through the Americas.

The Car has a 1.9TD Turbo Diesel Engine with 50KW and app. 299Tkm in Chile/Argentina. Whenever something had to be fixed, we fixed it. In Mexico the Axles have been changed as a preemtive measure. The Clutch is 55Tkm old. Tires 56Tkm and still really good.

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