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SOLD: Chilean 2005 Toyota 4Runner 4WD camper avail. Santiago Nov/Dec 18

For sale from mid-November to December in Santiago, Chile. “Kevin” the world’s trustiest and most reliable Chilean 4Runner.

Price: $US9,000, or for Australians: AU$12,000.

Car FOR SALE // RENT -ONLY 2500$- Subaru Leone 1993, 4x4, in Argentina





FOR SALE // RENT for 3 month to explore fantastic Argentina!

ONLY 2.500 $


You might be wondering about the price? Compared to other sellers, like ours few month ago, we are honest and let you know all the details before you make up your decision. 
We will tell you all the pluses and minuses, here we go:

***Sold*** Toyota 4Runner 4x4 for sale early December


If you made it this far, you probably know what you are looking for, and if not, feel free to message us to discuss the overland options we've seen.  What we have...


SOLD. For sale in Chile: Nissan D21, 2008 + tent

We are now still travelling in South America, but in the second half of August we will sell our car in Chile, near Valparaiso. It is a Nissan D21 pick-up from 2008 in a good condition. It just had maintenance and some parts were replaced (battery, shock absorbers, oil + filter, ...).

It brought us and the former owners/travellers to all the places we wanted to go in Chile, Argentina, Paraguay, Bolivia and Peru

For sale as well if you're interested:

- tent (Lippi, Lacoa 2.5)

- air matrass + pump

PRICE DROP: Year 2000, Dodge Ram 2500 Van with Californian Plates, 137 000 Miles. Selling Mid- Late July 2015 Santiago, Chile.

We have had the time of our lives road- tripping from California to Chile and it is now time to sell the vehicle that has comfortably got us to here. We were originally going to sell it in Panama, though loved the car so much that we wanted to keep him through South America as well. We are more than happy to go over the car with you, over a day or two as well as help with any enquiries about the big journey!

Sold Sold Sold!! 4wd camper van. Chile end of June, Peru July-September or Columbia October-November

Im looking to sell my Mitsubishi Delica 4WD Campervan. I currently have pretty flexible travel plans so was looking to sell it at some point along the way. I will be in Chile until the end of June so looking to sell it here sometime before then. Otherwise I will be looking to sell it in Peru from July-September or in Columbia from October-November. It had two full inspections before I bought the car the first was done on the 24th March by the couple selling the car and I did one on the 18th of April when I was buying the car.

For Sale: Dodge Ram Van in Costa Rica or Panama Dec 2014/ Jan 2015


Currently selling our Dodge Ram Van in either Costa Rica or Panama. We are currently in Nicaragua and have been slowly venturing down from the U.S. This car has been so good to us and we are sad to say that our journey with it is coming to an end. 

The car has Californian plates and is totally set up for either continuing south or heading back up to the U.S.

For Sale - Subaru Station Wagon - Ecuador/Peru/Columbia - $2500

The car is a 1994 subaru legacy 4WD, which my girlfriend and I have camped out of for the last 3 months as we have travelled through chile, bolivia, peru and ecuador (where I am now). The girlfriend has had to head home for work comitments, so I'm looking to sell the car in the near future and continue my travels north through the caribbean.

The car has:


-2 litre petrol engine (cheap to run in those countries where the gas is expensive - ie peru and chile)

-Manual transmission

-Car Alarm and steering lock

-CD player