Buy a car in Belize



We are backpacking in Central-Am (, and tried to buy a

car in Mexico but no luck as we can't put it in our name without the FM3..

Do you know any other country where this is possible? Like Belize where we

are going now, what are their rules?

And my other questions is: if you do buy that car here, can we then take it

up to Canada eventually?

Thanks for helping!



Wanted: a car in Panama (Nov/Dec)


We are from Europe, 4 years ago for our honeymoon trip we bought a motorbike in Colombia and drove it to Buenos Aires.

This year I am planning to fly to Panama at the end of November/ beginning of December  with my wife and our baby, buy there a car and drive it to Mexico or the USA. (We are about to buy an airplane ticket, so generally we could do it in the other direction too).

We want to have freedom of stoping on the way where we want. It does not have to be a car we could sleep in. Any reasonable offers accepted.

FOR SALE: VW van in Argentina/Chile November 2013


We will be finishing our "drive the Americas" trip in late November or early December in either Argentina or Chile and will be selling our beloved Jurasek, the Volkswagen Eurovan (aka Transporter in Europe).

It´s from 1992, Germany-made with Canadian plates.

The engine is 2.5 litres, five cylinder, it runs on gas and is manual. The consumption is between 9 (highway) and 11 (mountains and off road) litres per 100 km.

1995 Mitsubishi montero for sale in Ecuador/Peru and on

Hi, we are selling our SUV in Colombia/Ecuador with California plates (expires on JAN '14). It's a reliable vehicle with 150.000 miles on it. Everything works, it has new front and rear brakes, new battery, new bands and new alarm. 
It's a cheap, running great 4x4 automatic SUV for someone who's driving through America.

Willy and Cyn.

Wanted: Car to drive from Panama/Costa Rica to Mexico/USA


We're looking to buy a car in Panama or Costa Rica to drive to Mexico or the USA.

We will keep the car for a good 6 months or more and then sell it on in Mexico or the US.

It would be greatly appreciated if anyone can help us find a cheap, reliable car or small van.


Wout and Lucy




Dirving in Colorado

Driving in Colorado is really relaxed compared to a lot of the USA so if you are traveling to Colorado do not worry about crazy driving because everyone is relaxed in Colorado.

The Colorado driving is really relaxed style of driving if you are visiting Colorado and are worried about driving do not be. Every rental car is going to be an automatic and only in Denver Colorado there will be a problem with traffic at rush hour. It use to be really difficult to drive through Denver because of construction but today the 5 lane highway on I-25 is almost always clear unless there is an accident.


How to rent a car in Mexico

Traveling to Mexico can be a lot of fun and it is very popular to travel through Mexico while having a rent a car. In this article you will learn everything that you want to know about renting a car in Mexico and more.

How to rent a car in Mexico

If you are looking to rent a car in Mexico it is very easy, if you are flying into Mexico you will be able to rent a car at the airport. Several rent a car locations are located inside the airport while other comanies will be able to pick you up with a shuttle and take you to their rental car location. Off Airport locations are usally have cheaper becuase they do not have to pay rent to the airport for having their station in the airport.

Popular Rental Car Companies in Mexico

1995 Volkswagen Campervan - SALE NOW ON - MAKE US AN OFFER!

We have a beautiful Volkswagen 1995 Brasilian Campervan all geared up for travelling.  We are in Santiago with it now and open to offers! Sadly our trip is nearly at its end. 

We dont want to spend all of our limited time left in Santiago and therefore we would love a quick sale. We are open to offers so grab yourself a bargain!

We have been travelling around Paraguay, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and Chile in it for the last 5 months which has been brilliant. 



SOLD Suzuki Jimny 2005 for sale in Santiago, Chile SOLD

We are selling our Suzki Jimny 4x4. If you want a cheap, reliable 4x4 then this is the one. It´s 1,3l engine runs cheap, and is more than powerfull enough. Its tires are almost new. Spare tire comes with. Its mileage is 255000km. The battery is brand new. The price starts at 2,9mil Pesos, and is negotiable;)

I bought the car down in Los Ángeles a month ago, it has taken us to fantastic places you can only reach by car down here! But now we´re leaving Chile. The car has 4x4 with low & high series and a winch, so there should be no problem you can´t handleJ

Shipping SUV from Panama to USA

Hi -- I am planning on Driving from LA to Panama and wanted to ship my car home before continuing on via plane South. Everywhere I look, all quotes are for shipping from USA TO Panama...but I am looking for the reverse. Does anybody have any links or company names that I could get quotes from. Thank you in advance.