Price: 3500 USD
Place: between Santiago, Buenos Aires, Montevideo and Ushuaia
Time: April 2017

SELLING: Suzuki Samurai 1998 4X4. IN CHILE END OF APRIL

Hello lovely travellers!

We bought Sammy, our Chilean Suzuki Samurai, in Conception a few weeks ago. We are exploring Patagonia with her after spending 9 months travelling around the world by bicycle. We are going to be selling her after our journey south in April to look for a VAN. WILLING TO DO A TRADE :,)

MILEAGE: 60,000 miles

*INCLUDES BUZZ BIKE RACK* (worth 80,000 pesos)

NEW: Rear brake cylinders

2.5 million pesos *NEGOTIABLE*


FOR SALE: 2002 Nissan Pathfinder with bed and kit, Santiago Chile, €4000

I am looking to sell my Pathfinder following a trip around Patagonia. The car will be sold with a bed and extra kit including storage boxes, electric coolbox, bedding, cooking equipment (including gas stove and a jetboil), spare fuel can and various tools and spares. I also have a 3 man tent I may be able to do you a deal on if you want that too.

There are no major issues with the car, now have I experienced any. There are a number of scratches and dents however this will just help you fit in when you arrive in Argentina and/or Uruguay!

How challenging is it to sell a car in Panama after driving from Mexico?

Probably depends on the quality of the car, but do people actually have luck selling on these forums and FB groups?

Seriously considering traveling by car but am deathly afraid of not being able to sell the car off.

WANTED Van, Camper or 4WD in Santiago NOW!

We are a couple of Aussies starting our big overlanding trip around the Americas. We're searching for that special vehicle to cart us about the place in a mechanically sound manner and we'd like to be able to sleep in it as well. 

If you have a 4WD, van or camper that you think would fit the bill please email Mitch at: [email protected] as we'd love to take a look! 

wanted: Cheap Van/car (with sleeping possibilities) Around ecuador/peru/colombia/bolivia

Holaaa! I'm Looking for a cheap car/van, where I/we can sleep in (when the couches are down) to travel around for a bit. I'm in ecuador at the moment but at the end of february I can go to neighbouring countries as well. Muchossss gracias

Love & Light

WANTED: Car/van to travel across SA starting from September 2017

Hello everyone

Me and my girlfriend are planning to travel across South America for about one year. 
We're planning on leaving in September this year.
I've been scanning the internet for information on buying a car in South America, but so far I came up empty. 

WANTED IN COLOMBIA NOW.....any car, van, truck, camper on any plate from any country

Hey guys,

We are a British couple living near armenia in Quindio, Colombia looking for any transport with 4 wheels so we can explore. We are looking for anything cheap or even if it needs work and can pay in pesos, pounds or bank transfer.

We can meet you anywhere in colombia 

Let us know what you have



[email protected] 


+57 3235978524