Central America

Awesome Dodge Ram Van 2500 Model 2000 (Panama/Costa Rica/Nicaragua) April

Dodge Ram Van 2500 Model 2000 (Panama/Costa Rica/Nicaragua – April) 

Awesome deal: Low millage, safe (abs/airbag), full camp equipped, tough and discreet

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About: 70.000 Miles

Price: 3.299 Euro / 4500 US

Pets & Maps

We are starting to loosely plan our drive for August. I have 2 questions for those of you who have done the drive through Central America already or those who are planning on crossing borders with animals. 

Central America in the rainy season / container share Panama

Dear Travelers,

We are a German couple travelling through Mexico at the moment and will enter Belize within the next two weeks. Is anybody else travelling through central America in this time of the year? If yes, we could share info about road conditions and accommodation or meet personally during the trip.
We are as well looking for a container partner from Colon to Cartagena end of September /beginning of October

Looking forward to your reply!

Armin and Tanja

Reliable vehicle wanted anywhere from Mexico City to Panama for journey south to the USA

Hi Readers

I am looking for a reliable, safe vehicle to continue my travels, preferrably south heading north..  A van or wagon with bedding/cooking potential preferred but not necessary as I will modify if need be.

Starting in Panama would be great, or anywhere south of the Darién Gap... 

If anyone could help me out with any information it would be greatly appreciated.

Cheers, Liz :)

The Good Son Returns Home project! Travel along from your internet connection...

Hey Everyone,

Please check out www.indiegogo.com/TheGoodSonReturnsHome to see my project to drive from NY to Brazil! I have 2 weeks left to raise my funding goal to be able to document the whole trip and share it with everyone. Please check it out, Contribute (and get a Perk for doing it), and then share it with your social networks.

I need this project to go viral! Be a part of an amazing adventure from the comfort of your internet connection...thanks for checking this out!


Driving the Americas via Motorcycle. Looking for others to Join!

Hi, my name is Kevin. I have been living in Peru since I finished my Graduate studies last Spring. I am looking for people to join me on an motorcycle adventure from Peru through the Americas. I am open to ideas in terms of destination. At this point I will likely travel north from Peru to Equador, Colombia, then into centeral and North America. 

Please understand that I am open to all trip proposals. Looking to travel with anyone who is interested. 


Thanks! Kevin

Selling Honda Wagon in Panama or Costa Rica

Selling our 1995 Honda Accord Wagon in late October or early November 2012. We are in El Salvador now but are continuing to head south. Would like to finish our expedition and sell our vehicle in Costa Rica or Panama.

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HONDA ACCORD WAGON for sale in Central America- 10/2012 or 11/2012

Selling our 1995 Honda Accord Station Wagon in late October or early November 2012. We are in southern Mexico now but will be in Central America in the coming weeks. Would like to finish our expedition and sell our vehicle in Nicaragua, Costa Rica, or Panama.

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99' Frontier 4x4 For Sale in Costa Rica

We hemmed and hawed for more than a year about what vehicle would be the right balance of size, capability, and comfort and I think came to a rather elegant balance. Maybe you’ll think so too. After calling this truck home for the past year we’re looking to sell it to someone looking for a kitted out traveling home.

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Mexico and Central America by Motorcycle

Looking for more adventure motorcycle riders to join the trip thru Mexico and Central America. We are planning to cross the border around October 10th, 2012 and arrive in Panama City, Panama about a month later. So far there are three of us planning to connect. One from California, Oklahoma, and also Miami(FL). If you are interested let me know and check out our blog




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