Central America


Tell me what do you think of CouchSurfing. Would you do it or not and why. I am riding a motorcycle from Oklahoma to Peru and plan to use Couchsurfing to save on expenses.

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Need someone to ride with me

Hello roadtrippers. I want to ride my motorcycle from Oklahoma to Peru. The start date is September 30th. Wife keeps sayin I need company so if anyone is up to the trip then let me know. BTW, i'm not a hedge fund manager or a lawyer so dont expect to stay at the Hilton. I'm counting on the trip ending about December 15, 2012 in Lima.

Tell me what you think, even if you cant go.

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Unicorn Hunting on Atitlán Volcano

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Solo Female Traveller

I'm a female traveller thinking of driving from Canada to Panama on my own. I'm a bit aprehensive about it for safety reasons. Are there any other solo females our there that have done an extensive road trip through latin america, if so any advise?


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Dodge Ram Van FOR SALE

Reluctantly we are selling our beautifully converted dodge ram van as we have to return to Britain for the summer.

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2 Adults, 5 Kids, Alaska to Argentina, Every Country in North and South America

Our family of seven left Alaska in April 2011 in our modified Ford F250 that's been converted to run on vegetable oil. We'll drive to Ushuaia Argentina, visiting every country in North and South America. We expect to take 2-3 years for this trip.

We'll be crossing into Mexico this month (Oct 2011) through Texas.

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Can we survive the summer weather in Mexico and Central America?


We are planning to spend a few months in Baja starting soon ( Nov 2011 - Jan 2012).  We will continue our drive south through mainland Mexico and Central America during the year of 2012.  Our schedule is very flexible (we have no "end" date).  I'm concerned about the wet/monsoon season.  Does anyone on this forum have experience with Central America during the summer wet season?  Will we be able to surf and kiteboard?  Will we be able to get outside?  Will our truck be musty and wet from daily rain?

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Choosing an anti-malarial drug

We've evaluated these five options:

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