Costa Rica

VW Mechanic in/around San Jose Costa Rica


We are looking to buy a 1974 VW t2 bus in Santa Elena de Monteverde, Costa Rica.  So, if anyone knows of any good VW mechanics in the area, that would be a HUGE help!



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Looking to buy a VW Bus in Panama/Costa Rica


Girlfirend and I are looking to buy a car (preferably a VW Bus) to travel North with.  We are currently in Guatemala and are heading south via local buses.  We should be in Costa Rica around Julyish.  So if anyone knows of anything, pasame la voz! 

Safe travels to ALL!  



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Need an experienced bilingal driver from San Diego to Costa Rica

I am moving down to Costa Rica and bought a white 1999 Freightliner FL70 to use as a moving box van and filled it with my family's household goods and now need someone to accompany me who knows the route and can help me with driving. I will be going from Seattle down through California next week and welcome any advise or help. Thanks!


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Dodge Ram Van FOR SALE

Reluctantly we are selling our beautifully converted dodge ram van as we have to return to Britain for the summer.

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Leaving our mexican van in costa rica for a month while we visit cuba?

Hi, does anyone know if I will be able to leave my van in Costa rica for a month while i fly to cuba? The van is mexican. I'll have a return flight to Costa Rica as proof that I will return and the van will be kept at a friends house or in an airport or hotel car park. Any help or information would be appreciated, thanks.



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Gas Prices in Central America

We just crossed to Colombia yesterday. Here's a blog post with what we paid for regular gas Oct-Dec 2011. Enjoy!

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1989 Ford Jamboree 27ft for sale in Costa Rica

1989 Ford Jamboree 27ft for sale in Costa Rica.

all in perfect working condition, engine runs great, no mechanical issues, has 73000 original miles.

see attached images.

for more details pls contact Jonathan at: [email protected]


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Driving Costa Rican Car back home?

Hi There,

Wondering if anybody knows about the formalities of buying a (locally registered) vehicle in Costa Rica and driving it home - to Canada - and importing it there?

I have imported a vehicle from the US to Canada before so kinda know the formalities, but what does it take until one gets there? where does one get insurance for the US when arriving there? does it need to be formally 'exported' from Costa Rica?

thanks for any advice!



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selling our RV in Costa Rica

As we now approach the end of our wonderfull 4 months trip in central america, we say goodbye (and thank you!) to our faithful friend, a 27 ft, class c, 1989 Ford jambory, California registered, runs great, packed with everything that a travelling family can dream of and ALL in perfect working condition!

So if you´re planning to travel from Costa Rica (or Panama), this might be the perfect thing for you!!!

We´ll be in Costa Rica 'till the end of december 2011.

contact us for more info\pics - [email protected]

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Border Crossings in Central America with expired home country license plate/insurance

Hello everybody,

we have a question regarding the expiration of our home country insurance in November 2011.

We bought a car in Canada and had it insured for one year in British Columbia. This insurance expires at the end of November 2011. The date is shown on the rear license plate and on the registration papers. We are currently in Mexico and will enter Belize soon.

We are not sure if this will cause any problems when crossing the borders of the following countries:

- El Salvador

- Honduras

- Nicaragua

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