We have a Chilean car and we need advice!


We are couple from California and travelled through South America last year (Chile, Argentina, Bolivia and Peru).

We purchased a car in January 2015 in Santiago, Chile (Its a 2004 Subaru Outback). After travelling through the countries listed above we finally reached Lima,Peru in April. Due to personal reasons we had to cut short our trip in Lima and head back to California.

Our original car posting (


Is there any car age limit in Panama, Costa Rica or Nicaragua

Hello friends,

is anybody aware of any limitation to how old a car can be to drive in Panama, Costa Rica or Nicaragua?

Also, does anybody know how long does it take to clear customs in Panama once the car is docked after having being shipped from the States?

Thanks a lot


Procedure of selling a BC car in Chile to fellow travellers

We are a couple from Germany travelling the Americas since April 2013. In a few weeks we will be selling our Mitsubishi Montero Sport to fellow travellers in Santiago de Chile. The car was bought in BC, Canada in April 2013 and the registration and Title is in my name.

Entering Chile by own car, leaving by plane

My girlfriend and I are travelling through North and South America since April 2013. In February we will sell our car in Santiago de Chile (registered in my name in BC, Canada) to fellow travellers from South Africa.

Does anybody have recent experience if it is possible to leave Chile by air after entering with a car (e.g. flying home for 'holiday' or after selling a car)? Is there a link between my customs document for the car and immigration? Of course we will take care that the car leaves Chile before the customs declaration expires.

Selling a Car in Panama City

I'm currently in Panama City and want to sell my Jeep fter driving it form LA, has anyone done this?

Any tips or advice on how to go about?

and what needs to be done first e.g. customs then register?



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