Deregister a Mexican car for export


have someone experiences with deregistering for export a Mexican VW T2 in Mexico but the car is already here in Colombia. It is necessary to bring the car first back to Mexico?

Thanks for any response!!


Canceling a Mexican Temp Import.... Outside Mexico?

I was unable to cancel my mexican temp vehicle import on exiting Mexico because there was no Banjercito office at the Tijuana border crossing as I had assumed. I have previously exited Mexico with a vehicle at Nogales, and there was a Banjercito office located at the official border crossing. I assumed this would be the case at all border crossings.

On crossing at the Tijuana / San Diego crossing (and waiting for 3 hours in line), I did not come accross the Banjercito, and of course the border officers were not able to assist me at all.

Importing Guatemalan car to the US

My boyfriend and I have been living and working in Guatemala for two years.  We have decided to drive around Central America instead of heading directly home.  We have purchased a Toyota 1991 pickup with a camper in Guatemala and are going to go to Panama then do a u turn and come back up. 

Is it possible to drive back into the United States?  Has anyone done this?

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Driving Costa Rican Car back home?

Hi There,

Wondering if anybody knows about the formalities of buying a (locally registered) vehicle in Costa Rica and driving it home - to Canada - and importing it there?

I have imported a vehicle from the US to Canada before so kinda know the formalities, but what does it take until one gets there? where does one get insurance for the US when arriving there? does it need to be formally 'exported' from Costa Rica?

thanks for any advice!



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