How to rent a car in Mexico

Traveling to Mexico can be a lot of fun and it is very popular to travel through Mexico while having a rent a car. In this article you will learn everything that you want to know about renting a car in Mexico and more.

How to rent a car in Mexico

If you are looking to rent a car in Mexico it is very easy, if you are flying into Mexico you will be able to rent a car at the airport. Several rent a car locations are located inside the airport while other comanies will be able to pick you up with a shuttle and take you to their rental car location. Off Airport locations are usally have cheaper becuase they do not have to pay rent to the airport for having their station in the airport.

Popular Rental Car Companies in Mexico

Mexico and Central America by Motorcycle

Looking for more adventure motorcycle riders to join the trip thru Mexico and Central America. We are planning to cross the border around October 10th, 2012 and arrive in Panama City, Panama about a month later. So far there are three of us planning to connect. One from California, Oklahoma, and also Miami(FL). If you are interested let me know and check out our blog



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Tell me what do you think of CouchSurfing. Would you do it or not and why. I am riding a motorcycle from Oklahoma to Peru and plan to use Couchsurfing to save on expenses.

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Scott, Angela, Tammy and Bernard

***** Update !!! We are now living in Placencia Belize and will be continuing our journey South to Argentina in 2017. Scott Woodhams’ custom Land Rover Discovery gets attention in grocery store parking lots. But it’s nothing compared to the interest he generates when he and friend Bernard Barbour drive around town in their matching SUVs outfitted with roof racks, 100-watt spotlights, brush guards and rooftop tents. “People stop and look at you. I get so many looks at the grocery store,” said Woodhams, 39, of Evans. “When there’s the two of us, that’s when people start asking questions. We draw a lot of attention.” The questions give Woodhams a chance to tell people about the new travel and adventure company he’s starting with Barbour: Central America Overland Expeditions. The two, along with Woodhams’ wife, Angela, take off on their first expedition through Central America on July 9. The’ve rented their Evans and Martinez homes and saved up from their jobs as self-employed property managers to fund a three- or four-month expedition at a cost of about $3,000 a month. When they return, the group plans to offer similar excursions to locals looking for adventure or churches looking for mission opportunities. “It’s exciting. This is something we've always wanted to do,” said Barbour, 52, of Martinez. The trio will drive from Georgia to Texas before crossing the border and making their first stop outside the U.S. in Monterrey, Mexico. They’ll head south along Mexico’s Pacific Coast and cross through Guatemala and Belize before looping around the Yucatan Peninsula and driving north up the Gulf Coast of Mexico. The trip includes several stops for volunteer work, as charity is a key part of the excursion.

driving through mexico and central america

Names and ages: Scott 39, Angela, and Bernard 52

Hometown: Evans and Martinez, Georgia ( Augusta, Ga)

Started: 10 July 2012

Reason: Expedition, touring, volunteering

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Vehicle shipping within Mexico

Hi everyone,

I'm interesed in shipping my US registered vehicle within Mexico, and I wanted to see if anyone knows if that's possible.  I'm thinking that either shipping by land from Mazatlan to Oaxaca, or by sea from La Paz to Salina Cruz would work.  Does anyone know if there are shipping companies in Mexico that will do this?


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Unicorn Hunting on Atitlán Volcano

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Looking for VW bus, van or comparable in central Mexico

Looking for VW bus, van, truck or comparable in central Mexico: Guanajuato, Hidalgo, Jalisco, DF. We aren't looking for a vehicle that can travel the length of South America but for something that runs reliably with some love and attention. It has to be a make/model/year for which we can obtain parts within Mexico.

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Gas Prices in Central America

We just crossed to Colombia yesterday. Here's a blog post with what we paid for regular gas Oct-Dec 2011. Enjoy!

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Can we survive the summer weather in Mexico and Central America?


We are planning to spend a few months in Baja starting soon ( Nov 2011 - Jan 2012).  We will continue our drive south through mainland Mexico and Central America during the year of 2012.  Our schedule is very flexible (we have no "end" date).  I'm concerned about the wet/monsoon season.  Does anyone on this forum have experience with Central America during the summer wet season?  Will we be able to surf and kiteboard?  Will we be able to get outside?  Will our truck be musty and wet from daily rain?

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