Buying a Van with Paraguay plates in Colombia

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lots of information on this topic as I'm reading up on it, just not getting the whole picture here for my situation. We're hoping to buy a van with Paraguay plates in Colombia. As the plates of the van are registered in Paraguay we can't put ownership 'cedula' of the van in our name unless in Paraguay. So we would need to go to a notary and get a 'Poder' documument to give us the power of attorney over this vehicle. Up to here it's clear and sounds reasonable. However my questions are:

Change of Ownership in Mexico as Foreign

We have just bought a camper van in Mexico. We've got Spanish Nationality and now, we can't make the change of ownership. We have tried everything and we have tried it in several states in Mexico. I wonder how people do change the ownership in other countries. How do you buy a car in another country? What can I do? Do I need to own the van in order to cross borders in LatinAmerica? 


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How ownership transfer of a foriegn car done in S. America?


we are looking into selling our car in South America that we bought in panama with panamanian plates.

we need to know how the ownership transfer can be done? any information is welcomed

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