Container Share Colombia to Panama

Looking for a container share buddy for my Chilean kombi to help us continue our trip up to Alaska.

I am on the coast now and would like to get to Panama ASAP.  

At most I can be in Colombia until the 3rd week of November 2012


[email protected]


Need shipping partner from Panama to Colombia for shipment around 25 Sept 2012

Holas, I am looking for somebody interested in sharing a container for shipping from Panama to Colombia (probably Cartagena) around the 25th of September - I am flexible with the exact date.

I have a Jeep Cherokee (4.20m length) so another vehicle or motorcycles should fit easily.

I speak Spanish and have been looking into shipping it with Barwil (Wilhelmsen), but am of course open to other suggestions.

If you are interested please write to me at [email protected] or post here.

cheers, Frederik

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Tell me what do you think of CouchSurfing. Would you do it or not and why. I am riding a motorcycle from Oklahoma to Peru and plan to use Couchsurfing to save on expenses.

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CLOSED - Looking for Container Share - Panama to Colombia - Mid September

We are currently in El Salvador and are looking to share a container from Panama to Colombia. We are in a 1982 VW Westfalia and are driving from Vancouver (Canada) to Tierra del Fuego‎ (Patagonia). We plan to be in Panama early to mid September. Let us know if youre round the neighbourhood so we can organize some dates.



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Container sharing / Colon-Cartagena / late june


We are looking for someone to share a container with to travel next week to Cartagena. We are in Panama City now and we would like to go as soon as possible. If someone is interested please let us know at [email protected]

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Average cost of shipping a 40' container from Panama to Colombia?

We are in the process to ship our vehicles across the Darién Gap and I was wondering what other travellers currently pay for a 40'HQ container from Colon to Catagena?

After getting a few quotes it seem the price went up segnificantly over the last few month. One company even want to have almost twice as much (around US 2900 all incl.) as we got quoted in the beginning of 2012.
Just a guess, but maybe that has something to do with the upcoming ferry service?

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Update on Panama - Colombia Ferry

I've been in contact with the ferry company over the last few days as we plan our trip across. I've translated the most recent info and pricing, and made a page on Drive Nacho Drive about it. It looks like a few things have changed or been added since the last time it was mentioned on this forum.

All the best,


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Looking to buy a VW Bus in Panama/Costa Rica


Girlfirend and I are looking to buy a car (preferably a VW Bus) to travel North with.  We are currently in Guatemala and are heading south via local buses.  We should be in Costa Rica around Julyish.  So if anyone knows of anything, pasame la voz! 

Safe travels to ALL!  



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Container sharing from Cartagena to Panama in May


we travel north in our Land Rover Defender 110. In May we shall be near Cartagena to cross the Darian Gap to Panama. Any other Overlander would like to share a container in that direction?





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Long Term Vehicle Storage in Panama

During the summer we will be forced to put our travels on hold while we return to the states for a series of weddings.  During this four month period we would like to find safe storage for our vehicle in Panama.  Does anybody has information in regards to long term storage of their vehicle in a foreign country, no matter which country it may have been?  Prices, required paperwork for a vehicle permit extension etc...

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