sharing container Colon-Cartagena March 2012

Hi everybody,

We are looking for someone to share a container from Colon to Panama in the beginning/half March. We have a small car (toyota Rav 4) so enough room left in the container. We´re checking prices/dates right now, so please react asap if interested. 

Regards Gaby & Hiske (from Holland)


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Sharing Container Panama to Colombia Jan 27/28 or Feb 3/4

I am looking to ship a car from Colón to Cartagena. I have a quote from a shipper at $840 to $990 per car (sharing a 40' container). There are weekly shipments every FRI/SAT. My ideal date is Jan 27/28 but if I don't find anyone I am open to Feb 3/4. The shipper is EVER LOGISTICS and came recommended by local folks. They seem to speak good english and have sets of instructions about the process (attached).

You can use the contact form on this forum to get in touch with me, or reply to this thread.

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Gas Prices in Central America

We just crossed to Colombia yesterday. Here's a blog post with what we paid for regular gas Oct-Dec 2011. Enjoy!

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selling our RV in Costa Rica

As we now approach the end of our wonderfull 4 months trip in central america, we say goodbye (and thank you!) to our faithful friend, a 27 ft, class c, 1989 Ford jambory, California registered, runs great, packed with everything that a travelling family can dream of and ALL in perfect working condition!

So if you´re planning to travel from Costa Rica (or Panama), this might be the perfect thing for you!!!

We´ll be in Costa Rica 'till the end of december 2011.

contact us for more info\pics - [email protected]

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We have driven our Jeep from LA arriving in Panama in early December. It is a 1997 TSI GRAND CHEROKEE, 215,000 kms 2WD automatic, leather seats, dark tints, AC, alloys, good spare. drives well, have had no problems the entire 7 months driving it down. New battery, fan belts, recent oil change and tune up. Comes with our camp gear, cooking set up, jerry can, and anti bribe kit, e.g. Triangles and extinguisher. $5000 negotiable. This car has been awesome to travel in. Great for the region as plenty of Jeeps around for parts. Let me know if you might be interested.

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Shipping vehicle to Buenaventura, Colombia

We are looking to ship a class C motorhome from Panama to Colombia, and are interested in a route that can get us to Buenaventura. After speaking with one agent, we know this possibility exists, but is not encouraged by the agent. Does anyone have experience shipping a vehicle to Buenaventura?

We could consider departure from Panama or Costa Rica...

Any advice or experience would be greatly appreciated. Paz! -Ryan

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sharing a container to transfer vehicle from Panama to Columbia on Mid October 2011


we looking to ship a vehicle from panama to columbia on mid october 2011. we rather to share a 40' container to lower the costs. if you know of anyone that has the same need, please contact us at [email protected]

in addition, if you can recommand a reliable and cheap agent or shipping company, we will appreciate it.

kobi klaf




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container sharing mid/end of November from Columbia to Panama

Hello All

We would like to share a 40' container from Columbia (Cartagena) to Panama mid/end of November 2011. Our car is a Defender 110. We would like to use a broker in Cartagena and maybe also in Panama City.

If you are interessted please contact us to check more details.

Best regards

Claus & Agnes


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Container Sharing from Panama to Colombia in June

Hey folks,

we would like to ship our vehicle from Colon in Panama to Cartagena in Columbia to cross the Darien Gap. A 40´ container would be needed if we share with somebody else. The prices we´ve got by now show that it will be around 1000 dollars each if we share, about 300 or 400 dollars more for anybody doing it alone. We are quite flexible about the timings. It has to be in June, we prefer somewhere around the 15th. Let us know by answering here in the thread or writing an email to [email protected].

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