Selling a car with Canadian plates In Panama

What do we do with plates and how do we sell the car?

2000 Nissan Pathfinder in Panama

Im looking to sell my adventure machine becasue I have to return to N. America.  Its in great shape, has all the camping supplies you'd need | bed, bedding, cooking equipment, hammock etc.  It is plated in Panama and insured till Nevember 2016.  It meets EPA regs in the states if you wanna drive north.  Im asking $5K and it has 200,000 km. 


Shipping container from Panama to Colombia Jan 2016

Hey there, 

I'm interested in sharing a conainer from Colon Panama to Cartagena Colombia around January 18, 2016. Let me know if you're interested in sharing a container. My email is [email protected]



Shipping RORO from Ecuador across the Darien Gap


we have a vehicle that is too high for shipping on container and we would want to ship it across the Dairen Gap (northbound) to Central America from Ecuador.

We've heard that NYK Lines ship RORO in the other direction (Panama MIT - Guayaquil, Ecuador), but we haven't been able to get information regarding shipping on the other direction or managed to contact them.

Does anyone have any information about this or have the contact details of the person we should talk to?

Many thanks in advance

For Sale: Toyota 4WD 4Runner 1995

We have just started our Central America tour with our Toyota 4Runner 1995 (US,Texas plate number) and we plan to re-sell the car in Panama the next August. This post is only to give the heads up to those that will be arriving in the country during the summer. For any detail please write to [email protected] and I will be happy to give you all necessary info, car history and pictures. In general the car is in very good shape and it has had engine revised last year.

Adventure ready Mazda MPV minivan (Panama/Costa Rica March)

I'm selling my 2000 Mazda mpv with new stereo, battery,tinted windows, and front seats only. The back has a very secure locking storage container, bed, bike and surfboard area. My folks have owned it since new and its had no major repairs or accidents or anything...couple flat tires on the way down is it. It's got 293000k, but it still runs great. I've been changing oil every 5000k. It's a beauty van and has been really good to me. I'll be sad to see her go.

FOR SALE: Camper Van Panama City end of March

GMC Safari passenger van / camper
Year: 2000
Milage: 130 000 miles
Engine: 4.3 L V6
Transmission: 4 speed automatic
Fuel consumption: 13 - 15 L per 100 km
Colour: White
Current registration: California USA
Tinted windows

Purchased in San Francisco in July 2014. Very strong, reliable and well maintained engine.

Wanted in Costa Rica or Panama 4x4 or camper ~15 March 2015

After a vehicle for 2 months in Central America. 

Flights not yet booked but prefer Costa Rica or Panama meet up.

Not too concerned about plates as long as its good for a couple of months. 

Let me know what you have and what price you're chasing!

Interested in both a small jeep/w4d and a small camper.



Store Car in Panama

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For Sale: Dodge Ram Van in Costa Rica or Panama Dec 2014/ Jan 2015


Currently selling our Dodge Ram Van in either Costa Rica or Panama. We are currently in Nicaragua and have been slowly venturing down from the U.S. This car has been so good to us and we are sad to say that our journey with it is coming to an end. 

The car has Californian plates and is totally set up for either continuing south or heading back up to the U.S.