Wanted: a car in Panama (Nov/Dec)


We are from Europe, 4 years ago for our honeymoon trip we bought a motorbike in Colombia and drove it to Buenos Aires.

This year I am planning to fly to Panama at the end of November/ beginning of December  with my wife and our baby, buy there a car and drive it to Mexico or the USA. (We are about to buy an airplane ticket, so generally we could do it in the other direction too).

We want to have freedom of stoping on the way where we want. It does not have to be a car we could sleep in. Any reasonable offers accepted.

border crossing help panama to costa rica ASAP

sorry for the quick write up but we are in urgent need to help getting our newly bought car from panama to costa rica. we bought the car from another couple who had gotten it in the usa and driven down through central america. we bought the car in panama and did all the full transfers and sales with the other couple there. we are now at the border with them and all was good until we tried to get the car past due to a rule that apparently states that the car cannot come back into costa rica since it had already had been issued a 90 day tourist transit.

costa rica border crossing HELP with bought car

sorry for the quick write up but currently stuck at the border between panama and costa rica and not able to get our car through. we bought it yesterday from another travelling couple who had come through the day prior with it from costa rica. in costa rica your car is give 90 days as a foreign car to be there. the car is registered in california. all the paperwork and transfer title is correct but they will not let us through due to the cars previous permit that was used by the previous owners.

FOR SALE NOW 4x4 van ford e350 in panama/ price is now 7500$

I am selling the most amazing car I have ever owned: It s a Ford econoline 350 from 1988, that has been converted into 4x4 by pathfinder, and converted in a camper van by the previous owner. Engin has been changed in 2007 and has 31000 miles, it s 8 cylinders and 7.5 l. It has a heavy duty frame, axle and suspension, very high clearance, big offroad tires in top condition, and the 4x4 works, impossible to get stuck! Comes with spare tire, jack, 3 jerry cans, shovel, tool kit, well everything you need.

Toyota 4runner for sale with full rooftop camping setup.

Hola Amigos,

My Girlfriend and I are in the middle of a fantastic trip from San Diego to Panama. We plan on flying out of Costa Rica or Panama around mid October leaving our 1991 4runner up for grabs for some lucky travelers.


FOR SALE in Panama Ford Econoline E150 Conversion Van - Low miles

We have a 1999 Ford E150 Conversion Van for sale in Panama/Nicaragua/Coasta Rica (wherever is easiest) over the next few weeks. 

How to Buy a Car in Panama

We're sure there is a definitive post about buying an American car while in Panama (or another Central American country with similar laws) but we haven't been able to find it. Can anyone point us to a checklist of things we'll have to get sorted out? The car we're interested in is from California, we are from New York. 

Thanks so much, Ian and Magda

Central America in the rainy season / container share Panama

Dear Travelers,

We are a German couple travelling through Mexico at the moment and will enter Belize within the next two weeks. Is anybody else travelling through central America in this time of the year? If yes, we could share info about road conditions and accommodation or meet personally during the trip.
We are as well looking for a container partner from Colon to Cartagena end of September /beginning of October

Looking forward to your reply!

Armin and Tanja

Wanted 4x4 or van. Panama/Costa Rica

Hi Me and my 2 friends are in Panama now looking for any cars for sale in Panama or Costa Rica as we plan on doing a surf trip to Mexico or possibly the states and selling the car there in October/November. Any One interested get in contact. [email protected]   cheers

Container share from Colombia to Panama - August 2013

Hi there, we're looking for someone to share a container with us from Cartagena, Colobmia to Colon, Panama in August 2013. We are a New Zealand couple driving the Pan American highway from Ushaia to Alaska ( and have a Dodge Durango SUV that is 6m or 19.5ft long.