FOR SALE: 4WD Mitsubishi Montero all terrain campervan in Argentina

It is a 1991 Mitsubishi Montero with gasoline engine, manual transmission 5 speed. The vehicle is up to date!
It is prepared as a camper van for 2 people. This car is for you if you want to live comfortably on the road, and still have a lot of the advantages of driving in a 4WD car. Because it's comfortable, you will save on hotels which in many amazing places do not exist.

We drive the car since 5 years! The car has been a fantastic asset for highway and off-road driving and is very reliable. We are selling it because we are looking for a baby so it will be small for us.

2003 Ford 350 Diesel Pick-Up Truck, w/bed camper option

Hola Amigos, Two years ago, I shipped this truck from NYC to Santiago Chile. My use of this truck is coming to an end. I have the following options: A) Sell to a traveler who wants to buy in South America B) Ship back to USA C) Drive it back to the USA. I would prefer option (A).

WANTED 4WD Camper or class b in Punta Arenas, Chile

I live in Punta Arenas Chile and am looking to buy a 4WD camper or class B RV.  Could be a 4WD converted van or pickup with camper. Not looking for a Unimog or anything THAT macho or massive. I would like to purchase and then would import it into Chile if it's not already Chilean registered. Diesel engine preferred.

Must have:

  • 4 seats with seatbelts
  • Sleeping for 4 (one double bed)
  • rugged enough for dirt roads and snowy passes

Not necessary (not wanted):

1994 Toyota 4x4 w/ FlipPac camper top for sale in Chile

My wife and I are selling our beloved rig and heading back to the States. You can find photos of the rig on our blog and we are happy to send more to anyone interested. Email me at zslobig[at]gmail[dot]com. If you're looking for a vehicle to get you to those out-of-the-way places, this is it.

The details:

1994 Toyota Xtracab V6 4x4 3.6 EFI engine with 180,000 miles (currently)

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