FOR SALE: 2002 Nissan Pathfinder with bed and kit, Santiago Chile, €4000

I am looking to sell my Pathfinder following a trip around Patagonia. The car will be sold with a bed and extra kit including storage boxes, electric coolbox, bedding, cooking equipment (including gas stove and a jetboil), spare fuel can and various tools and spares. I also have a 3 man tent I may be able to do you a deal on if you want that too.

There are no major issues with the car, now have I experienced any. There are a number of scratches and dents however this will just help you fit in when you arrive in Argentina and/or Uruguay!

4WD (Pathfinder, Montero, 4Runner, L400 or similar) wanted. Santiago, Chile, around 15th of November 2016

Dear All,

we are a Czech couple heading to South America for a 4 months roadtrip (Chile, Peru, Bolivia and Argentina) and are therefore searching for a reliable, 4WD car, preferably Pathfinder, Montero, Mitsubishi L400 Delica or similar, aged 2002 and newer, with clear service history, budget roughly 7 000 Eur. In the best case already equiped for such a trip, but this is not mandatory. Chilean plates prefered.

Thanks in advance for any potential offers, best, Martin


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SOLD *For Sale: Nissan Pathfinder 2004, SE 4x4, July-August, Santiago de Chile*

We have a great Pathfinder SE 4x4 to sell, in July-August, in Santiago.

The car has Chilean plates and as we've been through the entire legal process to buy it, last March 2015, we are able to guide you for similar action.

Now at about 235,000kms we plan to travel more and estimate that the car will have about 15,000kms more, meaning 250,000kms at the counter, when we will sell it.

SOLD!!! 4x4 Nissan Pathfinder 1999 in North of Chile (or Santiago)

We are a german couple, who bought a Chilean car and travelled around South America. Our money has come to an end so we have to leave and sell our “Pathi” to nice travellers to show him even more of this beautiful continent.

From Santiago we travelled to Patagonia until Ushuaia. Up north till Buenos Aires and to the Northwest of Argentina. Back to Chile and from there we went to Peru and Ecuador. We always sleep in the car which saves a lot of money. We even have our own shower (solar shower).

We are in Chile now to sell the car. Going down from Arica to Santiago.

4x4 for sale in Costa Rica. July 2012.

We are looking to sell our 1996 Nissan Pathfinder over the next week or so in Costa Rica.  The car specs are as follows: 4 wheel drive, air conditioning, 3 spare tires, manual gear box, 4 new tires in the last month, brand new clutch, 266,000 kms on the clock.  Optional extras include: a matress in the back of the car, duvet, gas cooker, coolbox, fire extinguisher, warning triangles etc.

We planned to drive the car the whole way from Canada to Chile but due to the costs and confusion related to the darrien gap we've decided to sell her.

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