small bus for sale! CHEAP! in Mehico. fully equipped dream home!

Steel interior frame welding and all recycled hardwood interior. absolutely beautiful Ford F450 Minibus. We hand built this and drove it from US to Panama twice, and now are on to a more sea worthy adventure. Could use the money, if you have any interest, please make an offer. 10 year permit in Mexico. (9 left). Good to go in USA. Easy to get through every border. Asking $7,000 OBO 

Ford E450 Minibus

All terrain tires
Automatic transmission
7.3 L V8
200,000 mile
A/C & Heater
Power steering

Safe to drive through venezuela?


We are a family of four who have been touring SA for 7 months. We're currently in Colombia and plan to drive across Venezuela to get to Guyana. We're British with a Chile registered car so are fairly conspicuous as tourists. Is it safe to drive across Venezuela or are the stories of carjackings and kidnappings true?

Adventure ready Mazda MPV minivan (Panama/Costa Rica March)

I'm selling my 2000 Mazda mpv with new stereo, battery,tinted windows, and front seats only. The back has a very secure locking storage container, bed, bike and surfboard area. My folks have owned it since new and its had no major repairs or accidents or anything...couple flat tires on the way down is it. It's got 293000k, but it still runs great. I've been changing oil every 5000k. It's a beauty van and has been really good to me. I'll be sad to see her go.