Crossing Mexico

Hi all,

Short: Two of us are looking to drive across Mexico as quickly and safely as possible and are seeking advice with this!

Travel Buddies wanted from Brownsville, Texas to Panama

 Looking for Travel Buddies from Brownsville, Texas to Panama. We plan on being in Brownsville Jan. 1 or 2 and are taking the more Southern route through El Salvador to avoid most of Honduras. We are a Canadian couple in our fifties and would feel safer in numbers. Won't you join us?

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Travel Partners Wanted from Brownsville, Texas to Panama.

Looking for travel Partners from Brownsville Texas to Panama. We will be driving from Sudbury Ontario , Canada and expect to be in Brownsville around Jan.1 or 2. We will be taking the more southern route through El Salvador to avoid Honduras.We are a couple in our fifties and would feel more comfortable having "strength in numbers." Won't you join us?

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Safety in Central America

I wanted to post our experience of traveling from Costa Rica to Guatemala last Monday – Wednesday (July 6-8) in a car with Costa Rican plates.  We traveled with two pets.  The pets were no issue whatsoever, all quickly stamped their entry. Our route was the primary one following the Panamerican Highway with the exception of San Salvador, where we followed CA-02 that follows the coast and leaves the country at Hachadura, where you cross into Guatemala. 

WARNING! Robbery at Lago de Yojoa, Honduras

We just want to inform other travellers, that the road to the PANACAM lodge/campground near Lago de Yojoa in Honduras is not safe and armed robbery can be expected. The gravel road to the lodge/campground has some steep, hairpin-curves and you have to drive very slowly. The bad guys know exactly where to jump on your car and stop you with firearms. We got hijacked on our way back to the main highway a week ago.

Safe travels!

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