Dodge Ram 1500 Van Buenos Aires/ Uruguay

Dodge Ram Van 1500 Model 2001


Starccraft Edition: Leather Seats  Furnished und big Panorama Windows with Blinds. 

About:  150.000Miles

Price: 3.690 Euro oder 4990 US

Selling Honda Wagon in Panama or Costa Rica

Selling our 1995 Honda Accord Wagon in late October or early November 2012. We are in El Salvador now but are continuing to head south. Would like to finish our expedition and sell our vehicle in Costa Rica or Panama.

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HONDA ACCORD WAGON for sale in Central America- 10/2012 or 11/2012

Selling our 1995 Honda Accord Station Wagon in late October or early November 2012. We are in southern Mexico now but will be in Central America in the coming weeks. Would like to finish our expedition and sell our vehicle in Nicaragua, Costa Rica, or Panama.

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Selling a Car in Panama City

I'm currently in Panama City and want to sell my Jeep fter driving it form LA, has anyone done this?

Any tips or advice on how to go about?

and what needs to be done first e.g. customs then register?



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B-Class RV / Camper Van for Sale in Panama, March 2012

Home for sale.
After 8 months of comfortable traveling in our GMC Vandura 2500 from 1989 (the A-team van!) our trip from Canada to Panama comes to an end and we have to sell our beloved home. The chassis is built up as a B-Class Recreational Vehicle (RV). It includes the following features:

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Selling car from South America (Brazil/Argentina/Chile) in US/Canada

I am planning to travel from South America (Brazil) up to Canada. There's only one detail about the trip:

I'll be moving to Canada, so I want to keep my car (or sell and buy another one).

I understand it's hard to (if not impossible) to import used south american cars to US/Canada, unless the car is 15years old (or older). Is this information correct? 

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For sale in Panama or share a container from Panama to the States or Vancouver Canada

This 2000 Dodge ram 1500 custom campervan is for sale or will share a shipping container to the US or Vancouver Canada. I have my dodge ram campervan in Panama City Panama I would like to get it shipped to States or Vancouver Canada (port to port). it is 7 ft wide x 18 long I have a website you can look at it better I hear it is cheaper on roll on and roll off. Pete

Many people purchase vehicles especially for their drive down the Panamerican Highway.  Read more about how to purchase a vehicle in a foreign country, and what types of vehicles you might want to look for. 

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