how to buy a car in chile

Overandes (Chile) is a scam, beware (READ!)

I don't normally post bad comments , but this time I had to.  mostly so I can help other travelers to have their trip screwed up by these charlatans novices. 

This "bussiness" is run by a Chilean guy named "Juan Pablo Mac-Lean Mejías" and its based near valpariso in Chile.  Juan is claiming to be "helping travelers buy a car" and provides many service such as RUT and buying a car service as well as parking and van conversion.  

RUT and buying a car guide in Santiago

Hello everyone,


So you want to buy a car in Chile and travel south america?  here are the right steps:


1) Get a RUT number - you will need this in order to buy a car in chile, it is required to have it sponsored by a local.

For Sale, Chrysler Caravan 2007 fully equipped

Chrysler Caravan 2007, 136000km

Double bed, Drawers, gas cooker, 12v coleman cooler, 12v to 220v converter, Thule roof box for storage.

Price: 4,900,000 CLP


Sell your car easily

Don't want to spend 2 weeks or more from your trip trying to sell your car?


Our new service allows you to enjoy your vacation time to the fullest.


How it works:


1) Leave us a poder (power of attorney) to sell your car in your name


2) You are free to leave chile (We will prefer buyers who can pay with a bank transfer in order to pay less fees, but if we get paid cash than we will send you the money via western union (high fees)




Car needs to be checked by our mechanics.


FOR SALE 2007, Chrysler Caravan

138,000 km

Kitchen and bed, fully equipped with camping accessories

Fuel: Gasoline

AC,Electric windows, mirrors and sunroof

Safe Roof Box Thule


FOR SALE 2005, Mitsubishi Outlander


2005, Mitsubishi Outlander

195,000 km

Fully equipped, big enough to sleep inside.

Excellent price

Fuel: Gasoline

AC,Electric windows, mirrors and sunroof





How to Buy a Car in Chile

Our service includes everything a person who wants to travel south america with a car needs.

paperwork: we cover all necesarry paperwork starting with a RUT number, than we do an ownership transfer for foreigners and we take care of documents that will help in crossing borders. We also help with insurance and Santiago's electronic toll routes system.
We work with the best notary in Santiago and our clients get prefered access, therefore our clients do not wait in lines.

RUT and buying a car guide in Santiago Chile

In order to buy a car in Chile you will need to apply for a RUT number (Tax ID number)

You will need to fill all the forms you can get them at the SII, and find a Chilean resident to be your sponsor.

There's also a company who does everything for you in less than 2 hours (suzisantiago)