*For Sale* T2a * Volkswagen * 1971 Baywindow * Made in Germany * $15.900

Live the DREAM!
Meet Lotte!

She is a beautiful old granma, an original 1971 Volkswagen Baywindow, Made in Germany on February 21st, 1971. Back then her young skin was Chianti Red, just like wine. Right after her birth she crossed the ocean to Panama. That's what she was meant for from the very beginning: the tropics. She must have had an interesting life, yet I haven't met anyone to tell me her stories. Somehow she got lost in Costa Rica several years ago, before I found her half dead and decided to bring her back to life.Now she sits there in the shade of San José, enjoying the huge green area opposite of my apartment. I take her out for the weekends, because she loves the beach, the ocean, the surf. She wants to travel. She's unbelievably strong for being 46 years old. I just had her repaired inside and outside, a serious, expensive, but worthy project. She's just great. I wish I could grow old with her, but I got to move on soon.

Lotte is formally registered under my name, all her papers are 100% fine. Buying and registration in Costa Rica is easy and no problem at all, even if you're on a tourist visa. I know the procedure and will help you doing the paperwork incl. lawyer and contract. All the serial numbers and M-Plate match and are original. New MOT, insurance is payed. Engine runs great. Ready to go and enjoy the surf! You won't find many of these original german granmas in this corner of the world. She is a classic, a jewel, she has to be travelled, she's not meant for the museum. She's not cheap, but that's what she is: she's valuable, and she's worth it. I am asking for $ 15.900, a lot less than what I spent on her. She comes along with a gas cooker, some dishes, 2 camping chairs, a fire extinguisher, some spare parts, and lots of tools.

I hope she finds an owner who cares about her and loves her.