low budget

For Sale: 2006 Van Fiat Fiorino 1.7 Diesel - Low Budget

Hi you all!

My journey comes finally to an end and I am going to sell my fast & furious Fiat Fiorino. I bought her in Chile, April 2017 and converted her into a cozy camper van. With the help of a friend and professional mechanic I renewed everything that was needed. It runs like Forrest Gump.
Before I am going to sell it to you, I will once again put my car through a check-up of my friend and the official car revision of Chile (Revision técnica).

WANTED: travel car/van beginning april Panama

Hi everyone,

We have traveled whole South America with a car, and right now we are ready for Central America.
Therefore we are looking for a car the beginning of april in Panama. We would like to be able to sleep in it, and fit surfboards in it (we have 3). 

If anyone selling a vehicle, please let us know!

Cheers, Josie and Mark
+316 53 472 492