Buenes Aires

WANTED Camper Van/4x4/pickup/car in Punta Arenas

We are four friends from Barcelona who are going on a roadtrip around south America beggining mid-February in Buenos Aires. We are looking for a vehicle able to drive around Patagonia, Bolivia and Perú. Currently we are in Punta arenas and our plan is to buy the car here so we can continue our trip north! :)

If you have a vehicle that fits this please send us an email to: [email protected]

Thank you!!

Best regards,



Who & Where We are: 

We are a couple of creatives currently living in Buenos Aires, planning a roadtrip to blaze a trail of oobeedoo :) Making art and getting to know communities across the continent :) Our mechanic lives (convienently) on our street in San Telmo. So if you pass through Bs.As. and want to sell your car, email us and pop in for a cup of tea. And if we decide to adopt your car we can even offer a bed while we are dealing with the papers :) 

What we are ideally looking for:

Wanted: Car park near Buenes Aires for a few months

I'm travelling South America and it's getting winter here so I will have a break for a few months.

I'm looking for a place to park my car near Buenes Aires.

Anybody knows a safe, cheap/free, reliable place?