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WANTED Car, SUV, Camper etc., Mid January, Santiago Chile

Searching a ride for my girlfriend and me for a three months lasting trip to the south of chile. It s not important what kind of car, it just needs to be reliable. We will come to santiago by 15th of january. Happy for any suggests or advices!

Many Regards! 


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Suzuki Grand Nomade 2.0 GLX

100.000 km.

No fines.

5-door, 5-speed manual, Gasoline, selectable 4x4 with low-/high-range,
AC, Radio/CD-player and electric windows.

Replaced synchromesh rings at 94.000 km., and changed oil and front brakes at 100.000. Minor cosmetic damage on bumpers.

​Price: CLP 4.800.000


Nissan Pathfinder equipped for sale now in Chile


We are selling our lovely Nissan Pathfinder with chilean plates in Chile (Santiago or more north...)

we did a great road trip with it across Chile Argentina and Bolivia. It's very robust and can drive you literally everywhere!

Motor V6, 3.5L. A lot of great options. True 4WD. (4x4)

210000km and mechanics well maintained.

it has a removable bed (so you can ride hitchhikers or whoever you want on the back seats), a kitchen tray and some camping stuff... More details and photos by email if you want.

price is 6500euros negotiable.

How to buy a car in Santiago de Chile, from RUT, picking a good car, to selling your car, UPDATED

Everyone once in their life dream about traveling all over the world, and now you have everything you need to fulfill that dream, you want to travel for months all over south america, but you need a car to hit all the roads and also to carry all your lugagge, renting can be expensive for traveling long time, so you decide to buy a car in Chile to start from there, but the question is HOW?

The process for buying a car in chile can be complicated and long if you don’t know the right steps and which places to go for a successful purchase.

Important things you will need: