Going to Honduras - Buy a bus?

Hey y'all. We're going to live at a farm outside of Tegulcigalpa, Honduras. We're going to be there for about 6 months (Oct to April), maybe longer, so we figured we'd bring our two beloved bullies (70 lbs each). It costs $1k for just one crate for a plane, so we're considering driving from Dubuque, IA. We would like to take our time and make this a little easier on ourselves since we have limited experience driving across country borders, so we're considering buying a bus. Anyone have experience with this type of thing?

Motorcampers trip to Galapagos - dog sitting problem



We are from good old Europe and will start our southbound Pan-Am-Trip in the next yeras. When we are travelling by our Motorhome our small dogs are still with us!

We are very interested to do an one-week-boat-trip on the islands. Unfortunely, we think, we can`t take our dogs with us ether on the airplane or on the vessel.

Do we think  right or can the dogs come with us?

Does everybody know, igf there is a good place, whrer the dogs can stay, when we go to visit Galapags in Ecuador??


Thanks for help



Traveling with dogs

Hi everyone!  I'm very excited that I found this site.

I hope to start my trip in Feb/Mar 2014 from Seattle, Wa… depending upon how soon I can get things arranged.  I am a single woman and hope to travel with my 3 standard poodles.   I'm desperately trying to find information about traveling with dogs in central/south america…. Particularly the haul across the Darien Gap.  Im concerned about getting all the paperwork completed with dogs in tow.   I'd love to hear from anyone who's traveled with dogs and/or single women who are doing this trip.



Europe to USA (By Boat) / Buy car in NYC & Drive to Panama

Hi Guys,

So in a few months, my dog & I are embarking on a relocation to Panama. I am not interested in her traveling by Cargo and because she is a French Bulldog (Snub Nose) its pretty impossible for her to fly into a location with high heat...

So our mission is to get to NYC from Finland. This we can do but my biggest question right now is simple. When we get to NYC by boat, we will stay there maybe a month or so. This is where we plan to prepare our vehicle. Buy a 4WD, set it up, get all the relevant camping / cooking gear and so on...