For sale: Trusty Toyota 4Runner 4x4 in Costa/Nica, starting at $4000 USD

After safely delivering us from California to Costa Rica, we are sad to list our trusty 4x4 Toyota 4Runner for sale. Despite a replaced radiator, the car has treated us kindly, with only minimum maintenance including regular oil and filter changes, suspension check-ups and new diff bearings. Clean title, California plates, all leather interior, power windows, sun roof. 3.0 L V6 engine. FYI at this price, import tax for Costa Rica is estimated at around $3100.

Contact for images.


* * FOR SALE * * Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited Camper 4x4 Automatic 5300€ - GLP/LPG - Medellin, Colombia, NOW!!!

Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 5.2 V8 4x4 Automatic 1996 (LPG/GLP - gas liquado) for sale in Colombia (Medellin or any other city) - EU plates. With included insurance for South America for 3 months. We prepare are legal documents - can be sold to anyone.

5,200cc engine, petrol and LPG (gas liquado vehicular/GLP) - the price of petrol is cut down for 2/3 with LPG!!!

***Sold*** Toyota 4Runner 4x4 for sale early December


If you made it this far, you probably know what you are looking for, and if not, feel free to message us to discuss the overland options we've seen.  What we have...


For SALE: Toyota 4Runner '95, 4x4 in CENTRAL AMERICA // May

Hi globetrotters!

Are you tired of traveling by bus, depending on unreliable public transport and tourist shuttles and not coming to deserted places you'd like to see?

Here's the solution:

We are selling our loved Toyota 4Runner 4x4 in Central America (best pick-up place Nicaragua or Costa Rica, but other options are possible). We are leaving Central America the end of May. The car is registered in Guatemala.

As far as we know, Guatemala is the only country where you as a foreigner can easily put a car in your name.

Wanted 4WD Pickup or Van in California May/June


Looking for- ideally - Toyota Tacoma with camper shell (or poptop camper) for trip from San Francisco to Chile starting mid May.  

Will consider vans if 4WD and possibly SUVs like Landcruiser or 4 Runner.  Rooftop tent a definite plus if SUV.

What would  really make it is if vehicle is adapted to life on the long road - compartments, chargers, that kind of thing.

Prepared to pay up to $12,500 US depending on year, mileage and extras.

Also if you have poptop camper for sale, or know of one separately, do let me know.  

Thanks, Tim

For Sale: 2007 Toyota 4Runner SR5 with 130,000 miles. US$12,000

Great deal on a newer vehicle with upgrades! Value of vehicle once back in the US is between $13,000 - $17,000 if you drive it back to the USA!

For Sale in Argentina: 2007 Toyota 4Runner - US Plates

We are driving to Argentina in a 2007 4Runner bought in the USA with New Jersey plates. It is difficult/impossible to import a vehicle so I'm looking for a foreign passport holder to sell to in Argentina. We will arrive in Argentina around June 20.

MEDELLIN / BOGOTA - TOYOTA 4RUNNER 1995 - *** 3'500US ***


Hi there travelers


I sell my Toyota 4Runner, my travel buddy for a long time. I decided to stay and work in Colombia. Unfortunately, there is no way to get a permit for the car on a working/student visa. Neither is it possible to import used cars with a certain age in Colombia. It's sad but I'm forced to sell it.