crossing central america with notarized letter.

Hi all.

My name is Ariel. 

my girlfriend an I left montreal on dec 2016.

and right now we are in panama, bocas del toro.

the car is under her name (sins we boght it in montreal and Im from israel),

I was looking a lot on the web for information related to crossing all the borders around in central america (from mexico to panama) because we separated for 4 month and I didnt want to get stuck in mexico with the car, unable to drive out.

border crossing help panama to costa rica ASAP

sorry for the quick write up but we are in urgent need to help getting our newly bought car from panama to costa rica. we bought the car from another couple who had gotten it in the usa and driven down through central america. we bought the car in panama and did all the full transfers and sales with the other couple there. we are now at the border with them and all was good until we tried to get the car past due to a rule that apparently states that the car cannot come back into costa rica since it had already had been issued a 90 day tourist transit.

costa rica border crossing HELP with bought car

sorry for the quick write up but currently stuck at the border between panama and costa rica and not able to get our car through. we bought it yesterday from another travelling couple who had come through the day prior with it from costa rica. in costa rica your car is give 90 days as a foreign car to be there. the car is registered in california. all the paperwork and transfer title is correct but they will not let us through due to the cars previous permit that was used by the previous owners.