Leaving Chile with Chilean car to ALL countries - workaround

Hey guys,

I have discovered a way to leave Chile with your Chilean car to all countries (including Peru). That's the information that I have gathered so far. Please correct me if I'm wrong or forgot some kind of aspect :)

Chilean Car, 6 months "visa". Is this extendable?

We┬┤ve bought a beautiful kombi to enjoy South America in. We drove from Santiago to Buenas Aires and at the border we got a 6 months "visa" for the car. We want to travel up through Brazil before returning to Chile to sell the car. And without the stress of our cars visa to run out and having to rush back or face tough problems returning at the border over due date.

Have you guys got any experience with this? Can we extend the visa in any ways?



Renew Temp Vehicle Permit and tourist visa


Does anyone know if you can renew your tourist visa and your temporary vehicle permit in Mexico without crossing the border? We have heard that it is possible to renew a tourist visa at an immigration office, but we are not clear if you need to do so within 30 days of your visa's expiration date or not? We have also heard that if you change your visa status you need to contact aduana within 14 days to extend your temporary vehicle permit. Has anyone tried renewing their visa and vehicle import permit while in Mexico? Any advice is greatly appreciated.