Co-pilot for Punta Arenas to Santiago, 21 days(ish)

I don't own a car but I'd like to rent a campervan. The company Wicked have given me an okay deal but I'd still like to split costs - and have a fun companion to see the sights with.
I'm currently in Santiago but plan to fly south and pick up the van, leaving anytime between now (April 4) and approx. April 12.
No set itinerary so happy to hash that out together. I can cook and drive (it's a manual) so while I don't want to do everything all the time, I am able to!


Heading South

Hi group... I'm in Rio driving south to Buenos Aires and possibly Tierra del Fuego sometime during/after carnaval. Anyone with any tips to share, places they recommend along the way or wishing to tag along, let me know. This is a bit of a test run to see how my car and I survive the trip so hopefully this is just the start of something much bigger.